6th April In History

Apart from occasions like Birthdays, festivals and anniversaries, most days of the calendar have their own significance. The significance we are referring to is events from the past, which have found a place in the books of history. The sixth of April is one such day, during which several unforgettable episodes have occurred in the past. It was on this day that lady luck seemed to have favored the famous monarch Julius Cesar, who went on to taste success and fame after a series of defeats. Scotland gained its independence due to the enforcement of a declaration which was dated April 6. While several politicians and monarchs rose to power on this day, many others experienced a downfall. April 6 is also remembered by a few people as the birthdays of their role models. This list is a compilation of 50 such dramatic events, ranging from wars to politics, from sports to trivia and so on. Each of these facts will leave us surprised and wondering how little we know about this day. It is time to read this article yourself to realize the historic importance of 6th April.




Declaration Of Arbroath

The Declaration of Arbroath, is a document penned in Latin, which announced the independence of Scotland. This letter was said to be written by the Chancellor of Scotland, Bernard of Kilwinning. It was later submitted to Pope John XXII.



The Head Of The ‘Order Of Aviz’, Is Made King John I Of Portugal

John I of Castile as crowned the King of Portugal on this day in 1385. The monarch ruled for several decades, till his demise in 1433.



George Washington’s First Speech As The President

April 6th is remembered by many as the day the legendary political leader George Washington took oath as the president of the United States. He even made an impressive speech on this day in front of thousands of people.



Committee Of Public Safety Formed

The Committee of Public Safety came into existence during the ‘Reign of Terror’, an important event of the French Revolution. This committee, consisting of 12 members, was formed on this day in 1793.



Beginning Of The Bourbon Restoration

The Bourbon Restoration, an important event of French history, started on the 6th of April, 1814. One of the highlights of this historic event was the fall of the renowned French monarch Napoleon.



U.S. President John Tyler Rises To Power

It was on this day in 1841 when the Vice President of the ‘Whig Party’ John Tyler, created history by becoming the 10th President of Unites states. Tyler rose to power as a consequence of the unexpected death of his predecessor William Henry Harrison.



Jews Of Prussia Granted Equality

The Jews residing in the German kingdom of Prussia did not enjoy the same privileges as the Germans and for 32 years the Government failed to deliver on its promise of equal treatment for the Jews. A Jewish Lawyer named Gabriel Riesser from Hamburg fought for the rights of the people belonging to his community, forcing the government to enforce equality on 6th April, 1848.



The Birth Of The City Of Vancouver

The British Colonial government chose a region in the west coast of the present day Canada and named it Granville as a tribute to the then Secretary of State, Lord Granville. This city also went on to be a central hub for the ‘Canadian Pacific Railway’ (CPR), and the President of ‘CPR’ at the time, William Van Horne, named the place Vancouver.



Winston Churchill Retired From Office

Sir Winston Churchill, known as one of the world’s finest political leaders, served as the Prime minister of the United Kingdom for several years. This outstanding statesman, who was the first honorary citizen of the United States, retired from office on this day in 1955.



The Infamous Cameroonian Coup

Ahmadou Ahidjo was the President of Cameroon, West Africa since its independence in 1960, and stepped down from his designation in 1982. He was later succeeded by the acclaimed political leader Paul Biya. Ahidjo retained his position as the president of the ruling party, but the rivalry between him and Biya sparked a political revolt on this day in 1984.



U.S. And Soviet Diplomats Indulge In An Important Discussion

On this day in 1990, the diplomats of the U.S and the Soviet Union met in Washington D.C and indulged in a political discussion regarding the then newly formed united Germany. Although these talks did not yield concrete results, it did confirm the continuance of goodwill and cooperation between USA and Russia.



Rolandas Paksas Impeachment

Rolandas Paksas, the renowned politician associated with the ‘Liberal Democratic Party’ of Lithuania, emerged victorious in the presidential elections of 2003. However, it was on this day in 2004, that he earned the dubious distinction of being the first European President to be removed from office, on charges of favoritism.



Jalal Talabani Becomes The President Of Iraq

It was on this day in 2005, that Talabani was elected as the sixth President of Iraq by the National Assembly of the nation. Popularly known as ‘Mam Jalal’ (‘Uncle Jalal’), Talabani’s election was a huge sigh of relief for many Iraq nationals who were unhappy with his predecessor Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship.



Olympic Torch Relay Protests

A lot of Tibetans created a huge ruckus by shouting ‘Shame on China’ during the Olympic torch relay in London on 6th April 2008. The protest turned out to be so aggressive that the police ended up man handling the anti-China protesters.



Azawad Gains Its Independence

Azawad is a region located in the North of Mali and consists of Timbuktu, Kidal, Gao as well as some parts of Mopti. It was on this day in 2012, that the outfit ‘National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad’ announced the independence of Azawad from the government of Mali.

46 BC


Battle Of Thapsus

6th April, 46 BC, saw the Battle of Thapsus being fought between the armies of monarchs Julius Caesar and Quintus Metellus Scipio, around the city of Thapsus, which is now a part of Northern Africa. This battle, which was won by Julius Caesar, was also one of the last conflicts in which elephants were used on a large scale.



Battle Of Pollentia

It was on 6th April 402, that the Battle of Pollentia was fought between the armies of Rome and the Visigoths and was aimed at expelling the Visigoths from Italy. These armies were led by the monarchs Flavius Stilicho and Alaric I.



Battle Of Fariskur

Towards the end of the Seventh Crusade, on this day in 1250, the Battle of Fariskur was fought between the French and Egyptian armies. The French forces suffered a humiliating defeat, which resulted in thousands of casualties and the capture of King Louis IX.



New York Slave Revolt

During the year 1712, 23 furious African slaves residing in New York wanted to seek revenge against their white masters. On 6th April, these individuals set a building ablaze, killed nine people, injured six and then fled away.



Battle Of Block Island

The Battle of Block Island in 1776 was a conflict involving the Continental Navy and the Royal British Navy. This conflict had started on the 6th of April.



The Infamous Episode Of Badajoz

The gruesome Siege of Badajoz, where the combined forces of the Great Britain and the Portuguese army, fought against the French military troops, ended on 6th April, 1812. The united force of Britain and Portugal emerged victorious, even though they lost around 4800 soldiers.



The Bloody Battle Of Shiloh

Starting on the 6th of April 1862, the Battle of Shiloh, an important event of the American Civil War was fought near the Tennessee River and resulted in about 23,000 casualties. Even though initially it seemed like the ‘Confederates’ stood a chance, it was the ‘Union’ army which emerged victorious.



Battle Of Sailor's Creek

The Battle of Sailor’s Creek was a conflict involving the armies of the ‘Union’ and ‘Confederates’ and took place on April 6, 1865. The revolt took place in the Farmville region of Virginia. Towards the end of the battle, the ‘Confederate’ General Robert Lee surrendered to the ‘Union’ Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant.



Battle Of Deçiq

The negligence of the Ottoman Empire towards the Albanian residents of Turkey led to the Battle of Deciq, which was fought on the 6th of April, 1911. The Albanians tasted victory and this battle earned a place in the books of History much later.



America Enters World War I

The merciless attack on the American ships heading towards England, by the German forces, provoked the United States to become a part of World War I. On this day in 1917, America’s decision to join the war was formally announced.



Invasion Of Yugoslavia

It was during World War II, just after the Yugoslav coup d'état on 27th March 1941, that Adolf Hitler ordered the German army to attack and occupy Yugoslavia. The assault began on April 6, 1941 and ended on 17th April with the Yugoslavian army accepting defeat.



The Conflict Of Slater's Knoll Ends

During World War II, the Australian and the Japanese forces clashed at the Bougainville Island, located in Papua New Guinea. The battle started on the 28th of March and ended on April 6, 1945.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Dover Straits Rocked By A Quake

Remembered as the Dover Straits earthquake, this natural disaster hit England, northern parts of France and Belgium. The quake struck the regions on the 6th of April and killed about 2 people.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Train Falls Off Bridge In Brazil

6th April 1950 was a disastrous day for Brazil, since a devastating train accident took place on this day at the Tanguá Bridge. This unfortunate incident led to the death of approximately 110 people who were travelling from Rio de Janeiro to Victoria in Brazil.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

L'Aquila Earthquake

6th April, 2009 The residents of Abruzzo, Italy witnessed a terrible earthquake on 6th April, 2009, due to which 308 people lost their lives. It is remembered as the worst tremor to hit Italy after the ‘1980 Irpinia earthquake’.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Devastating Floods In Kazakhstan

The soaring temperature during the month of March in 2015, led to melting of ice in the snow-capped terrains, which caused floods in Kazakhstan. On 6th April 2015, thousands of people were asked to flee their homes, in order to save themselves from the wrath of this natural disaster.



The First Olympics Event

The 1896 Olympics was the first ever global athletic event and was held in Athens, Greece. This successful sports event was held at the ‘Panathenaic Stadium’, which is said to be the only sports venue in the world to be constructed using marble.



NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship Game Played

The final game of the ‘NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship’ of 2015 was played on 6th April. This eagerly awaited contest was played between the ‘Wisconsin Badgers’ and the ‘Duke Blue Devils’.


Literature & Entertainment

‘If You Knew Susie’ Recorded

‘If You Knew Susie’ is a famous Eddie Cantor song that was recorded on this day in 1925. Very soon the song became popular and secured top spots in music charts.


Literature & Entertainment

‘Little Orphan Annie’ Was Aired On NBC Radio For The First Time

On 6th April, 1931 when a drama series, titled ‘Little Orphan Annie’ was aired by the ‘National Broadcasting Company’ on radio. This show was loved by the masses and it was aired till April 26, 1942.


Literature & Entertainment

The New York Philharmonic Concert Was Held

The ‘New York Philharmonic Concert’ held on the 6th of April, 1962, made headlines for quite a few wrong reasons. One of them was a certain comment made by the musician Leonard before pianist Glenn Gould’s performance.


Literature & Entertainment

‘The Kingsmen’ Recorded Their Version Of ‘Louie Louie’

‘Louie Louie’ is a popular American melody which was originally penned by Richard Berry, but it was the version rendered by the band ‘The Kingsmen’ which earned a lot of accolades. It was on this eventful day of 6th April 1963 that this successful band recorded this song, which contributed greatly to their success.


Literature & Entertainment

Theatrical Release Of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ Across America

‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, directed by the legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, released across movie halls in the U.S on the 6th of April, 1968. However, it was released in other parts of the world on April 2nd and 4th of the same year.


Literature & Entertainment

Wendy O. Williams Commits Suicide

Wendy O. Williams is a popular American singer and actress, who gained a lot of fame for her performance in the adult movie, ‘Candy Goes to Hollywood’. After two failed suicide attempts in 1993 and 1997, on April 6th 1998 the ‘Reform School Girls’ star shot herself to death.



Dutch Cape Colony Established

In order to facilitate the trading with Asia, the Dutch ‘East Indian Company’ effectively used the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. However, this region soon turned into a European settlement and it was on April 6, 1652, the Cape Colony came into existence.



The Reason Behind Observation Of ‘Chakri Day’

It was on this day that the ‘Chakri Dynasty’ started its rule with king Rama I on this day in 1782. Every year since then, 6th April has been a national holiday in Thailand and is celebrated as ‘Chakri Day’.



John Jacob Astor Established The ‘American Fur Company’

It was on 6th April 1808 that Astor established his ambitious venture ‘American Fur Company’ with the assistance of the then President Thomas Jefferson. This business venture proved to be so lucky for Jacob that he went on to become the first millionaire of the United States of America.



Church Of Christ Organized

The Church of Christ, also known as the ‘Latter Day Saints’ church, came into existence on this day in 1829 with the help of a pontiff named Joseph Smith. This was the first church to adopt unconventional beliefs, which have been inscribed in the text ‘Book of Mormon’.



John Wesley Hyatt Patented The Production Of Celluloid

On this day in 1869, inventor John Wesley patented his discovery - the celluloid, a type of industrial plastic. He also started a business venture named ‘Albany Billiard Ball Company’ later on, which manufactured this product.



Oscar Wilde Thrown Behind Bars

The eminent author Oscar Wilde was accused by the ‘Marquess of Queensberry’ for having an affair with her son. Homosexuality was considered a serious offence in those days and when this allegation was proved right in court, Oscar was arrested on this day in 1891, and confined to a prison.



Matthew Henson Conquers The North Pole

Matthew Henson was the first African American who along with another explorer Robert Peary, created history by reaching the North Pole on April 6th 1909. Together this determined duo completed many such adventurous journeys.



A Journey Around The Globe

On 6th April 1924 eight pilots and mechanics from the U.S Army divided themselves into 4 groups and left Seattle, Washington, in four airplanes to travel around the globe. The names of the aircrafts in which these people traveled were, Seattle, Chicago, Boston and New Orleans respectively.



Ford Introduces Whitewall

It was on this day that the American Multinational automobile firm, ‘Ford’, introduced whitewall tires. They decided to price this new invention at the rate of $11.25 per set.



Civil Partners Granted The Privilege Of Drawing Pension In Great Britain

According to a rule imposed by the government in the U.K, any citizen of the Great Britain born on or after 6th April, 1950 was eligible for the U.K State Pension and could avail certain privileges. According to the law, not only the individual who meets these requirements would draw a certain amount of pension, but also his civil partner.



Cancellation Of ‘BAC TSR-2’

The ‘British Aircraft Corporation’ was developing a nuclear bomber aircraft called ‘TSR-2’, which was tailored to meet the requirements of the ‘Royal Air Force’. Even though this acquisition would have infused new life into the ailing British aviation industry and the ‘RAF’ alike, the deal was later cancelled by the government on 6th April 1965.

People Born This Day

Philosopher [ Egyptian ]
Black Francis
Singer-songwriter [ American ]
Ram Dass
Spiritual Teacher [ American ]
Zach Braff
Actor and Filmmaker Best Known for His Role as ‘J.D.’ in TV Series ‘Scrubs’ [ American ]
Alexander Herzen
Russian Writer and Thinker Known as the ‘Father of Russian Socialism’ [ Russian ]
Lee Grant
Actress and Director Best Known for Her Role as Shoplifter in the Film ‘Detective Story’ [ American ]
Paul Rudd
Best Known for His Role of 'Ant-Man' in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Films [ American ]
Merle Haggard
Country Singer & Leader of the Band ‘The Strangers’ [ American ]
Ian Paisley
Politician [ Irish ]
Rafael Correa
45th President of Ecuador (2007 - 2017) [ Ecuadorian ]
William M. Branham
American Christian minister [ American ]
Anthony Fokker
Aviation Entrepreneur & Aircraft Designer Who Pproduced Fighter Aircraft in Germany During WW I [ Dutch ]
Italian Painter and Architect of the High Renaissance [ Italian ]
James Watson
Molecular Biologist Who Co-discovered the Double Helix Structure of DNA With Francis Crick [ American ]
George Reginald Starr
British 'Special Operations Executive' Agent in World War II [ British ]
Virginia Hall
American Secret Agent Who Worked in France During World War II [ American ]
Leonora Carrington
Mexican Surrealist Painter and Novelist [ British ]
Feodor Felix Konrad Lynen
Biochemist [ German ]
Edmond H. Fischer
Swiss-American Biochemist and Winner of 1992 Nobel Prize in Medicine [ Swiss ]
Horst Ludwig Störmer
Physicist [ German ]
Peyton List
American Actress and Model Known for Her Role in the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ Film Series [ American ]
André Previn
Known for His Versatile Orchestral Compositions [ American ]
Charles Sobhraj
French Serial Killer, Fraudster, and Thief [ French ]
Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia
Grand Duchess of Russia [ Russian ]
Marcus Brimage
Mixed Martial Artist [ American ]
Candace Cameron Bure
Actress, Tv Show Host [ American ]
Michele Bachmann
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Minnesota's 6th District from 2007 to 2015 [ American ]
Marilu Henner
Actress Best Known for Her Role in the Sitcom 'Taxi' [ American ]
Casey Simpson
Actor [ American ]
Camilla Dallerup
Danish Author, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Former Ballroom Dancer [ Danish ]
Billy Dee Williams
Best Known for His Role of 'Lando Calrissian' in the 'Star Wars' Film Franchise [ American ]
Peter Maivia
Samoan-American Professional Wrestler [ American Samoan ]
Seo Ye-ji
Actress [ South Korean ]
Shaheen Afridi
Pakistani Professional Cricketer Who Plays as a Fast Bowler [ Pakistani ]
Spencer List
Actor [ American ]
Miranda May
American Actress [ American ]
Rena Lovelis
Bassist [ American ]
John William Waterhouse
Painter [ British ]
YouTube Star [ American ]
Lil JoJo
Hip-Hop Artist [ American ]
Luke Cutforth
YouTube Star [ British ]
Nathan Zed
YouTube Star [ American ]
Beth Britt
American Socialite and Wife of Professional Wrestler and Artist, Jeff Hardy [ American ]
Gabrielle Moses
YouTube Star [ American ]
Diora Baird
Actress and Model Known for Her Films: ‘Wedding Crashers’, ‘Accepted’ and ‘My Best Friend's Girl’ [ American ]
Todd Chrisley
Reality Star [ American ]
YouTuber [ American ]
Michael Rooker
Actor Known for His Roles as Henry in 'Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer' [ American ]
Miguel Ángel Silvestre
Spanish Actor Best Known for His Role as ‘Alberto Márquez’ in the TV Series ‘Velvet’ [ Spanish ]
Eliza Coupe
Actress and Comedian Known for Roles in Comedy Series ‘Happy Endings’, ‘Scrubs’ and 'Future Man' [ American ]
Roy Thinnes
Actor [ American ]
Julie Ertz
Football Player [ American ]
Vince Flynn
Author, Novelist [ American ]
Fabrice Muamba
British Former Football Player Who Played as a Central Midfielder [ British ]
Sinqua Walls
Actor [ American ]
Brandon Max
TikTok Star [ American ]

People Died This Day

Isaac Asimov
Writer Best Known for His Hard Science Fiction Novels and Professor of Biochemistry [ American ]
Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky
One of the Most Influential Composers of the 20th Century and a Pivotal Figure in 'Modernist Music' [ Russian ]
Don Rickles
Stand-up Comedian Who Was Known for His Insult Comedy [ American ]
Albrecht Durer
German High Renaissance Painter Best Known for His Work ‘Meisterstiche’ [ German ]
Merle Haggard
Country Singer & Leader of the Band ‘The Strangers’ [ American ]
Mickey Rooney
Actor and Producer Known for His TV Series ‘The Adventures of the Black Stallion’ [ American ]
Juvénal Habyarimana
2nd President of Rwanda (1973 - 1994) [ Rwandan ]
Rainier III, Prince of Monaco
Prince of Monaco from 1949 to 2005 [ Monacan ]
Niels Henrik Abel
Mathematician [ Norwegian ]
Italian Painter and Architect of the High Renaissance [ Italian ]
Tammy Wynette
American Music Artist Who is Known as the ‘First Lady of Country Music’ [ American ]
Richard I of England
King of England [ British ]
Jules Bordet
Nobel Prize-Winning Belgian Scientist Known for His Discovery of Factors in Blood Serum that Destroy Bacteria [ Belgian ]
Greer Garson
English-American Actress and Singer [ British ]
Wilma Mankiller
Chief [ American ]
Thomas Kinkade
Painter [ American ]
Corin Redgrave
Actor [ British ]
James Best
Actor, Artist, Acting Coach and Singer-Songwriter [ American ]
Don Shirley
Classical and Jazz Pianist and Composer [ American ]
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