1st September In History

According to the famous English romantic poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley, “History is a cyclic poem written by time upon the memories of man”. So, over the years we have been seeing the repetitive patterns of the way history presents itself to people. Great achievements, developments in assorted fields, battles of different kinds have their memories that linger around us even today. Even though history has a lot to teach, yet events of the same nature keep repeating again and again which probably makes it cyclic. One such eventful day in history is 1st September and you shall be shocked to learn that so much has happened on just one single day. A number of great battles were started on Ist September; the World War II being the most infamous among them. The other major battles that started on this date were the Battle of Castelnaudary, Battle of Tippermuir, Battle of Chantilly and the Battle of Sedan. The last one resulted in the capture of Emperor Napoleon III. Deadly natural disasters like the Japan and Iran earthquakes, forest fires of Minnesota and the Hurricane Carol of Mississippi all took place on 1st September. Two well-known asteroids, 3 Juno 3 and 31 Euphrosyne, and solar flares were also discovered on this day. Lot of other events with varying importance took place on this day. And coming back to the cyclic nature of events, we can always figure out a strong pattern which keeps getting repeated which each passing year. Nevertheless, history still holds a very dear place in the hearts of people of every epoch and will continue to do so. Let's scoop out some more information on this special date-1st September.




Aaron Burr Acquitted Of Charges Of Treason

The former American Vice President, Aaron Burr was acquitted of the charges of treason against the United States on this day. He was arrested in February 1807 on the grounds that he had annexed Spanish territories in Louisiana and Mexico.



Cetshwayo KaMpande Crowned As The King Of The Zulu Nation

Cetshwayo kaMpande was crowned as the King of the Zulu nation on this day thereby becoming the last independent king of the Zulu nation. It was he who led his nation to win against the British in the Battle of Isandlwana.



Alberta And Saskatchewan Enter Canadian Confederation

The Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan joined the Canadian Confederation on this day. The idea behind putting forth a Canadian Confederation was to provide strength and unity during the American civil war times.



St. Petersburg Changed Its Name To Petrograd

On this day, the name of the Russian city, St. Petersburg was changed to Petrograd. However, very soon city’s name was changed to the original name of St. Petersburg. It was considered as most avant-garde city of Russia.



The Keating-Owen Act

The Keating-Owen Act aimed at restricting child labor became effective on this day. Enacted by the U.S Congress, the Act enacted by the U.S. Congress prohibited the sale in interstate commerce of goods produced by factories that employed children under fourteen, mines that employed children younger than sixteen, and any facility where children under fourteen worked after 7:00 p.m. or before 6:00 a.m. or more than 8 hours daily. The Bill was named on the sponsors’ names, Edward Keating and Robert Latham Owen.



Highway Dedicated In The Memory Of Abraham Lincoln

The famous ‘Lincoln Highway’ which was dedicated in the memory of Abraham Lincoln was officially inaugurated on September 1, 1928. On this day a group of boy scouts placed nearly 3000 concrete markers along the highway in order to officially mark it in the memory of Lincoln.



Mayor Of New York Resigns

The Mayor of New York James J. Walker was forced to resign on this day after serving as the Mayor of the city since 1925. He was found guilty of corruption and other inappropriate activities.



Euthanasia Program For Mentally And Physically Disabled People

Adolf Hitler’s instructed mass murder of mentally and physically disabled people living in Germany or Germany inhabited territories on this day. The program was first targeted for children; however it extended even to the killing of adult disabled patients.



George C. Marshall Becomes Chief Of Staff Of U.S. Army

On this day, George C. Marshall moved to the rank of General when he was nominated as the Chief of Staff of U.S. Army. Due to the unrest in Europe, President, Franklin Roosevelt nominated Marshall to this rank.



Knight’s Cross Of The Iron Cross Instituted

On this day, the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross was instituted by Adolf Hitler during the outbreak of the World War II. A Knight’s Cross was one of the awards being awarded to people for their valor and bravery during the war.



Signing Of The ANZUS Treaty

On this day, the security treaty, ‘ANZUS Treaty’ was signed between Australia, New Zealand and United States in order to have a protection of the security of the Pacific. The Treaty came into force on 29th April 1952.



President Of France Urges U.S. To Move Out Of Vietnam

The President of France, Charles de Gaulle, urged the United States to get out of Vietnam on this day thereby publicly denouncing the U.S. policy. The President wanted to have a settlement of the war which could happen only if the American troops pulled out of Vietnam.



Muammar Al-Qaddafi Assumes Command In Libya

Libyan Army captain, Muammar al-Qaddafi deposed King Idris I of Libya in a military coup and became the chairman of Libya’s Revolutionary Command Council.



Qatar Declared Independence From Britain

On this day, Qatar declared independence from the British rule by adopting a new constitution. The pervious treaties were replaced by treaty of friendship. Finally after extensive negotiations, Doha became the capital of Qatar’s British Protectorate.



The American Air Force Space Command Founded

The U.S. Air Force Space Command, a major command of the American Air Force was founded on this day. It was developed to take care of the administration and operation of military space technologies across the world.



Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda Resigned

The former Japanese Prime Minister, Yasuo Fukuda resigned on this day after serving less than a year in the position. In the light of the economic problems, political deadlock and government’s fading popularity, Fukuda decided to take this step.



Battle Of Castelnaudary

The Battle of Castelnaudary was fought on this day between the rebel forces of Henri II de Montmorency and the royalist forces led by Marshal Henri de Schomberg in Castelnaudary, France on this day. The battle resulted in the French Royalist victory.



Battle Of Tippermuir

The Battle of Tippermuir was fought on this day in Perth, Scotland between Irish Royalist forces and Scots Covenanters forces during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. The Royalists won in the battle.



Battle Of Chantilly

The Battle of Chantilly took place between the Union forces (U.S.) and the Confederate forces (C.S.) in Fairfax Country, Virginia which became the concluding battle of Northern Virginia Campaign of the American Civil War. The battle was an inconclusive one.



The Fall Of Atlanta

During the American Civil War, Atlanta was a critical Confederate hub. On this day, Union forces led by General William Tecumseh Sherman lay siege to Atlanta, Georgia. They shelled the civilians and cutt off the supply lines. As a result, the Confederates retreated and the Atlanta fell to Union forces.



The Battle Of Sedan

The Battle of Sedan was fought between the French and the Prussian forces on this day in Sedan, France resulting in German victory. The French Emperor, Napoleon III was captured in the battle resulting in the end of the Second French Empire.



German Invasion Of Poland

The German troops invaded Poland on this day under the instructions of Adolf Hitler who claimed the invasion to be an act of defense. However, not being convinced, Britain and France waged war against Germany which led to the outbreak of the World War II.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Forest Fire Burns Down The Town Of Hinckley, Minnesota

The town of Minnesota was devastated by a forest fire on this day resulting in the death of nearly 440 people in that area. The area was quite prone to such fires as most of the lands got cleared for agriculture and other activities by the European settlers.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Massive Earthquake Rocks Japan

A high intensity ‘Great Kanto earthquake’ with a magnitude of 7.9 hit Kanto Tokyo-Yokohama area in Japan on this day followed by a tsunami. The disaster resulted in massive loss of lives with a death toll of more than 140,000.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Hurricane Carol Hits Mississippi

Hurricane carol made its landfall in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island on this day with winds of 105 miles per hour. The hurricane resulted in loss of 35 lives and wrecked enough damage to the affected areas.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Powerful Earthquake Hits Iran

On this day, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 rocked Iran which killed nearly 12,000 people. Iran is known to be an earthquake prone area and many quakes of varying magnitudes have occurred in the history of Iran.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Teenage Son Murders His Father

Eric Witte, a fifteen year old son shot down his father, Paul Witte on this day in their family home in Indiana. However Eric was claimed innocent and was released on the account that it happened accidently. Eventually it was revealed that he had intentionally murdered his father after being instigated by his mother, Hilma Marie Witte to do so.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Soviet Union Shot Down Korean Airlines Plane

A Korean Airline passenger flight was shot down by Soviet Jet fighters when it entered the Russian air territory on this day. All 269 passengers and crew members on board were killed in the tragic incident.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Iran Passenger Plane Crash

On this day, Iran Air tour airline which took off from Bandar Abbas skidded on the runway of the Mashad Airport sparking a fire while it made its landing. The crash killed 29 people of the 148 people aboard.



Bobby Fischer Becomes World Chess Champion

The American chess player, Bobby Fischer, made history when he became world chess champion by defeating Soviet Union’s Boris Spassky in a game of chess on this day. With this victory, the talented player became Word’s Chess Champion.



Michael Chang Becomes The Youngest Winner At The U.S. Open Tennis Championship

On this day, 15 year old Michael Chang made history by becoming the youngest man to win in the U.S. Tennis open beating Paul McNamee. Chang later became the youngest male player to win a Grand Slam after his splendid victory in the French Open in 1989.


Literature & Entertainment

A Trip To Moon Released In France

A French silent film, ‘A Trip to the Moon’, directed by Georges Melies, got released in France on this day. The movie is about few astronomers who land on the surface of the moon and how they escape the lunar inhabitants and return to Earth.


Literature & Entertainment

J.K. Rowling’s First Book Released

The famous book by J.K. Rowling, ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone’ got released on this day in the United States. This book was the first one in the Harry Potter series and was published on 26th June, 1997 in London.


Literature & Entertainment

Movie ‘Into The World’ Premiers At The Telluride Film Festival

The movie, ‘Into the Wild’ directed by Sean Penn premiered on this day in Telluride Film Festival in U.S. The movie is based on a true story of a young man who goes into the Alaskan wilderness and eventually dies.



Benjamin Franklin Weds Deborah Read

Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of United States, and a famous scientist and inventor married Deborah Read on this day. The couple had two children from their 44-year marriage.



Richmond Recorder Publishes Report Of Thomas Jefferson's Concubine

Richmond Recorder published a report on Thomas Jefferson who was found to be keeping a female slave as mistress; her name was Sally Hemings. Jefferson temporarily retired from politics at the time when this news was published.



Asteroid 3 Juno Discovered By Karl Ludwig Harding

The asteroid, ‘3 Juno’ was discovered on this day by the German astronomer, Karl Ludwig Harding. ‘3 Juno’ is considered as one of the brightest and largest in its class and is categorised into S class category of asteroids.



Asteroid 31 Euphrosyne Discovered By An American Anthropologist

On this day, James Fergusson, an American astronomer discovered the asteroid, ‘31 Euphrosyne’. ’50 Virginia’ and ’60 Echo’ were the other two asteroids discovered by Fergusson in the subsequent years.



Solar Super Storm Touches Earth

On this day, an English astronomer, Richard Carrington spotted solar flares emerging out from the sun while he was leisurely observing the sun from his telescope from his private observatory. It impacted the telegraph communications.



General Post Office Opened In Australia

The General Post Office (GPO) was opened in Sydney, Australia on this day. The Sydney’s Post Office was one of the famous sites of the Australian National Estate and NSW.



Emma Nutt Becomes The First Female Telephone Operator

Alexander Graham Bell hired Emma Nutt for his company, ‘Boston Telephone Dispatch Company’ to work as a telephone operator in Boston. She made history by becoming the first female telephone operator of the world.



Deventer–Almelo Railway Line Opens

The Dutch Railway line, Deventer–Almelo railway opened on this day which connected Deventer with Almelo in the Netherlands. The construction of the railway line began in 1887 and it opened finally in 1888.



Boston Subway Opens In North America

North-America’s first subway opened on this day in Boston. This underground rapid transit system revolutionized the way the transport operated in America.



Passenger Pigeon Becomes Extinct

On this day, the last of the Passenger Pigeon species, ‘Martha’ died in the Cincinnati Zoological Garden thereby marking the extinction of these species. This proves how detrimental it gets when man exploits nature for his own interests.



NASA’s Pioneer 11 Becomes The First Spacecraft To Visit Saturn

The NASA’s space probe, ‘Pioneer 11’ which was one of the first probes to be designed to study outer space, became the first spacecraft to visit planet, ‘Saturn’ on this day. The Pioneer spacecrafts were also used to study Saturn’s rings.



Wreckage Of Titanic Discovered

The wreckage of the luxury liner, ‘Titanic’ was discovered by American and French researchers on this day. Considered to be an unsinkable ship, ‘Titanic’ sank on its maiden voyage in April 1912 after being struck by an ice-berg causing a loss of more than 1,500 lives.



Launch Of Toyota Lexus

The Japanese automobile company, ‘Toyota Motors’ sold its first model of ‘Lexus’ thereby launching company’s new luxury division on this day. Eventually other versions of ‘Lexus’ were added which included convertible, couple, sedan and SUV models



Airbags For Automobiles Become Mandatory

On this day, the federal government of the United Sates made the airbags a mandatory requisite for the automobiles on both sides of the front seat. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that lot of lives could be saved due to the airbags.



Deadly Siege At A Russian School

Armed Chechen rebels took approximately 1200 children and adults hostage at a school in Beslan, North Ossetia. The hostage drama continued for three days and resulted in the death of 330 people which included 186 children..



Luxembourg Becomes The First Country To Move Completely To Digital Terrestrial Television

On this day, Luxembourg became the first country to completely move to digital television broadcasting. Digital technology provides better quality of picture and sound and more number of channels unlike the conventional modes of television broadcasting.

People Born This Day

Tarsila do Amaral
Artist [ Brazilian ]
J. F. C. Fuller
Army General [ British ]
Gloria Estefan
Latin Pop Singer Who Earned Worldwide Success With "Conga" in 1985 [ Cuban ]
H. H. Asquith
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1908 to 1916 [ British ]
Lily Tomlin
Comedienne & Actress [ American ]
Jhonen Vasquez
Cartoonist [ American ]
Alan Dershowitz
Lawyer [ American ]
Rocky Marciano
One of the Greatest Heavyweight Boxers of All Time [ American ]
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Creator of Tarzan [ American ]
Raphael Kalinowski
Discalced Carmelite Friar [ Polish ]
Shahar Tzuberi
Olympic athlete [ Israeli ]
Barry Gibb
Member of the Music Group "Bee Gees," One of the Best-Selling Groups of All Time [ British ]
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Founder of ISKCON [ Indian ]
James Gordon Bennett, Sr.
Founder of New York Herald, Publisher [ American ]
Ruud Gullit
One of the Greatest Football Players of All Time [ Dutch ]
Francis William Aston
Chemist & Physicist [ British ]
Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman
Actress, Singer [ American ]
Roger Casement
British Diplomat Known as ‘Father of Twentieth-Century Human Rights Investigations' [ Irish ]
Conway Twitty
Country Singer-Songwriter Known for His Hit Songs 'Hello Darlin' and ‘You've Never Been This Far Before’ [ American ]
Yvonne De Carlo
A Famous Hollywood Star in the 1940s & 1950s [ American ]
Bam Bam Bigelow
American Professional Wrestler [ American ]
Daniel Sturridge
English Professional Footballer Who Plays as a Striker [ British ]
Bill Kaulitz
Singer-Songwriter and Lead Singer of Pop Rock Band 'Tokio Hotel' [ German ]
Chanel West Coast
Reality TV Personality Known for Her Role in MTV's 'Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory' and 'Ridiculousness' [ American ]
Olivia Haschak
Dancer [ American ]
Alex Holtti
Social Media, Instagram and YouTube Star [ Danish ]
Megan Nicole
Singer-songwriter [ American ]
Carl Benjamin
British YouTuber and Political Commentator [ British ]
Romeo Beckham
David Beckham’s Son, Footballer [ British ]
Singer-Songwriter and Youngest Member and Vocalist of the South Korean Boy Band ‘BTS’ [ South Korean ]
Allen Jones
Artist [ British ]
Joe Trohman
Musician [ American ]
Richard Farnsworth
Actor [ American ]
Padma Lakshmi
Indian-American Author, Model and Host of the Cooking Competition Show ‘Top Chef’ [ Indian ]
Hwang Jung-min
Actor [ South Korean ]
Boyd Holbrook
Actor and Fashion Model Known for His Netflix Series ‘Narcos’ and TV Series ‘The Sandman’ [ American ]
Cuttino Mobley
Basketball player [ American ]
Mario Lemina
Gabonese Professional Footballer Who Plays as a Central Midfielder [ Gabonese ]
Catilina Aubameyang
Gabonese Former Professional Footballer Who Played as a Left-Winger [ French ]
Tessa Netting
American Actress, Singer and Web Video Producer [ American ]
Coyote Peterson
Wildlife Educator & YouTuber [ American ]
Nakyung Park
Wesley Snipes' Wife [ South Korean ]
Ricky Horror
American Bassist and Rhythm Guitarist for the Metal Band ‘Motionless in White’ [ American ]
Dr. Phil McGraw
Television Host [ American ]
Eve Franke
YouTube Star [ American ]
Lilan Bowden
American Actress, Filmmaker and Comedian Known for Her TV Series ‘Andi Mack’ and ‘Murderville’ [ American ]
Leroy Sanchez
Singer [ Spanish ]
Laura Lee
YouTube Star, Makeup Artist [ American ]
Ryan Guzman
Actor Known for His Films: 'Step-Up', ‘Step-Up Revolution’ and Series '9-1-1' [ American ]
Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.
Daughter of the American Tennis Player Serena Williams [ American ]
Aleksandr Vitaly
Russian-American Youtuber [ American ]
Mia Swier
American Writer and Producer [ American ]
Brittany Matthews
Fitness Trainer, Entrepreneur, Girlfriend of Patrick Mahomes II [ American ]
Kailand Morris
Stevie Wonder's son [ American ]
Tom Kaulitz
German Guitarist, Songwriter and Producer, Member Of  Famous Rock Band ‘Tokio Hotel' [ German ]
Sam Hurley
American TikTok Star Best Known for Posting Comedic Videos [ American ]
Michael Massee
Actor [ American ]
Wyatt Cooper
Author [ American ]
Ricardo Chavira
Actor [ American ]
Raqesh Bapat
Actor [ Indian ]
Meggi Lashes
Entrepreneur [ British ]
Canadian TikToker [ Canadian ]
Sheena Melwani
Canadian YouTuber [ Canadian ]
ASMR Leedah
Canadian YouTuber [ Canadian ]
Canadian YouTuber [ Canadian ]
Jade Amber
American TikToker [ American ]
Jakub Koudelka
Czech TikToker [ Czech ]
Lidia Zullo
British Instagrammer [ British ]
Faye Bate
British YouTuber [ British ]
Bobby Moore
British TikToker [ British ]

People Died This Day

Siegfried Sassoon
English War Poet and Soldier Who Became One of the Leading Poets of the First World War [ British ]
George A. Smith
Political leader [ American ]
A. Bartlett Giamatti
Academician, Scholar, Commissioner of Major League Baseball [ American ]
Albert Speer
Architect [ German ]
Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Indian Independence Activist and One Third of the 'Lal Bal Pal' Triumvirate [ Indian ]
Luis Walter Alvarez
Physicist [ American ]
Jacques Cartier
Explorer [ French ]
William Clark
Explorer [ American ]
Louis XIV of France
King of France from 1643 to 1715 [ French ]
Lillian Wald
American Nurse and the Founder of American Nursing Community [ American ]
Guru Ram Das
Fourth Sikh Guru [ Indian ]
Guru Amar Das
Sikh Guru [ Indian ]
Ilse Koch
German War Criminal Who Became One of the First Prominent Nazis Tried by the U.S. Military [ German ]
Ann Harding
Actress [ American ]
Eero Saarinen
Architect [ Finnish ]
Jimmy Buffett
Musician [ American ]
Jon Polito
Actor [ American ]
Muhammad al-Bukhari
One of the Most Important Hadith Scholars in the History of Islam [ Uzbekistan ]
Mel Ignatow
Murderer [ American ]
Murray Hamilton
Actor [ American ]
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