12th April In History

While a few may recognize April 12 for its national importance, a few others may remember it for personal reasons. Whatever said and done, April 12 has more significance than most of us think. Hundreds of history books and online sources prove that many of the world’s most significant events have apparently occurred on this date. If you are puzzled as to which important event we are talking about, there is one instance we would like to cite. The Union flag of the United Kingdom, which the world is quite familiar with, came into existence on this date, more than 2 centuries ago. Since then, the flag is being used in events of national importance. A study of the various wars waged over the past two centuries also reveal several significant developments which have occurred on this date. Although many of us might have gathered a lot of knowledge regarding these yesteryear battles, there are a lot of important details related to April 12 which we might have missed. This is a summary of few such episodes to have occurred on this date.




Fourth Crusade Invades Constantinople

The ‘Fourth Crusade’, a military regiment which acted according to the orders passed by Pope Innocent III, tried to invade Constantinople and surrounding regions during 1201-02. They emerged victorious in their mission on April 12, 1204.



Edwin Of Northumbria Embraces A New Religion

Edwin was the ruler of Deira and Bernicia regions of the United Kingdom. These places later came to be collectively known as Northumbria. April 12, 627 was an eventful day in the life of this monarch since he embraced Christianity on this day.



The Union Jack Becomes The British Flag

An important event in the history of England occurred on April 12, 1606. The Union Jack officially became the national flag of this great country on this date. The Union Jack also symbolized the union of England and Scotland.



End Of Froberg Mutiny

This battle which happened at the island of Malta, lasted for a period of 8 to 9 days and finally concluded on April 12, 1807. This conflict, which involved the French and British troops, resulted in the death of around 8 soldiers and several others were captured, becoming prisoners of war.



Canada Invades Vimy Ridge

April 12, 1917, is a date which members of the Canadian army will cherish for a long time. The Canadian troops emerged victorious in their battle against the German, at Vimy Ridge, which concluded on this date.



Shanghai Massacre

The Chinese civil war was as gruesome and tragic as the conflict in America. It started on April 12, 1927 and several members of the ‘Chinese Communist Party’ (CCP), were assassinated.



Franklin D Roosevelt’s Mysterious Death

American president Franklin D Roosevelt’s sudden demise on April 12, 1945, left many of his admirers and millions of American citizens in a state of shock. According to sources, the iconic leader was seated in his living room with a few other companions on this day and Roosevelt complained of a headache, which later led to a hemorrhage.



Samuel Doe Rises To Power In Liberia

Renowned politician Samuel Doe was crowned the supreme leader of Liberia on April 12, 1980 and went on to rule the nation for a decade. Doe eliminated his predecessor William. R. Tolbert Jr. by staging a coup, which helped him rise to power.



Harold Washington Creates History

On April 12, 1983, Harold Washington turned into a household name across the United States when he was elected as the first mayor of Chicago. The news was received with great joy by members of the African American community.



Bill Clinton’s Trial

Democrat leader and former president of the United States, Bill Clinton was found guilty of misleading the court with a false testimony in the infamous Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. Susan Webber was the district judge who looked into this controversy.



Attack On The Parliament Of Iraq

A cafeteria located inside the parliament building of Iraq was attacked by insurgents on April 12, 2007. A bomb blast in the premises claimed the lives of two individuals who were the members of parliament. Around 20 individuals were grievously injured due to the attack.



Attack On Fort Sumter

A study of the Great American Civil War will reveal a description of the attack on Fort Sumter. It is believed that in the wee hours of April 12, 1861, Confederate forces attacked Union forces and fort Sumter was the place where the bloody battle took place.



Battle Of Fort Pillow

Yet another infamous conflict of the American Civil War times which many people around the world want to forget. This battle which took place on the 12th of April, 1864, resulted in the death of 300 soldiers and most of these were of African-American origin.



U.S Ninth Army Moves Towards Berlin

American military officer William Hood Simpson is remembered for an incredible feat which he achieved on April 12, 1945. He guided the regiment ‘Ninth United States Army’ towards a destination which was just 50 miles away from Berlin, which was ruled by the Nazis at the time.



US Troops Return From Cambodia

One significant development occurred in Cambodia on April 12, 1975, a time when the region was war torn. The military department of the United States had enforced ‘Operation Eagle Pull’ on this day and the intention was to evacuate soldiers from the Phnom Penh area of Cambodia. Thus, the bloodshed screeched to a halt.



NATO’s Decision Regarding Bosnia

‘NATO’, a peacemaking initiative stepped in to make a crucial decision to put an end to the violent situation in Bosnia. The association enforced the ‘Operation Deny Flight’ on April 12, 1993, which declared the region a no-fly zone.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

The Collapse Of The Broughton Suspension Bridge

A military march on the Broughton Suspension bridge, a famous landmark of England, collapsed on this day in 1831. The members of the ‘60th Rifle Corps’ regiment were marching across the bridge when this incident occurred. Fortunately, nobody was killed in this freaky accident but its aftermath left around 20 individuals severely injured.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Horrific Fire Accident At Massachusets

Residents of Chelsea, Massachusetts, were horrified by what happened on April 12, 1908. A devastating fire gutted several dwellings in the town, leaving 17000 homeless. It is believed that 12 people lost their lives and more than 80 went missing due to this incident.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

F5 Tornado Hits Texas

The Rocksprings region located in the state of Texas was devastated by the killer tornado which hit the place on April 12, 1927. Most of the dwellings in this place were destroyed as a result of the disaster (nearly 235 of them). The consequence of the F5 tornado was the death of 74 individuals and more than 200 were grievously injured.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

K-8, A Soviet Submarine Sinks

The K-8 was a well-armed submarine and was considered to be the strength of the Soviet navy. However, on April 12, 1970, this precious vessel of the Soviet forces met with an ill fate at the Bay of Biscay, where it sank. Approximately 52 people, who were onboard, lost their lives due to this unfortunate incident.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Explosion In Spain

The people who were spending time at a restaurant named ‘El Descanso’ on April 12, 1985, had no clue of the tragedy awaiting them. A bomb explosion on this day claimed the lives of 18 Spanish citizens and left 82 others critically wounded.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Earthquake In Slovenia

On April 12, 1998, an earthquake which measured 5.6 on the Richter scale hit Slovenia and the repercussions were felt in the neighboring regions such as Croatia, Austria, Bosnia as well as some parts of Germany. According to reports, nearly 400 aftershocks affected the region in a matter of 24 hours.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Italy’s Train Accident

Italian citizens were shell shocked when a deadly train accident occurred in the northern part of the country on April 12, 2010. The cause of the derailment was a landslide which was totally unexpected.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Suicide Bombing At Jerusalem

The war torn Jerusalem has been the epicenter of several bombings and on April 12, 2002, the city witnessed a similar incident. The Mahane Yehuda market, a famous landmark of Jerusalem was the place which was chosen by the anti-social elements this time. The blast left four dead and wounded several others.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

The Great Fire Of Valparaiso

Valparaiso, a port city of Chile, was badly hit by a wild fire on April 12, 2014, leaving its inhabitants in a state of horror. Although the fire brigade managed to successfully move 10,000 people to safety, 12 people did lose their lives. Property spread over a few square miles was gutted and 1200 firefighters were required to bring the situation under control.



Introduction Of The Catcher’s Mask

Do you know when the catcher’s mask was introduced in the popular sport Baseball? If a few sources are anything to go by, the accessory was first used on April 12, 1877 and a player named James Tyng was the first person to sport it.


Literature & Entertainment

The Famous Bijou Theatre Is Opened For The Public

The iconic ‘Bijou Theatre’, one of the best entertainment hubs in New York opened on April 12, 1917. Several great plays were performed here until it was shut down in the early 1980s.


Literature & Entertainment

‘Rock Around The Clock’ Is Recorded

The retro rock and roll classic ‘Rock Around The Clock’ was recorded on this day of 1954. This song, a product of the famous band ‘Bill Haley & His Comets’, went on to become a chartbuster later on.


Literature & Entertainment

South Africa Introduces A Change In ‘Sesame Street’

This hugely acclaimed show got a whole new flavor in its South African adaptation. The makers introduced a character named Kami who is HIV positive, which was something unusual for a show of Sesame Street’s genre. It is believed that the move was a conscious effort to create awareness amongst the masses to embrace HIV patients too.



Launch Of ‘SMS Zrinyi’

This massive battleship was the strength of the Austrian-Hungarian Navy during World War I. The vessel came into existence on April 12, 1910 and was a part of several important naval operations for almost a decade.



Pierre Prier’s Famous Flight Journey

Aviator Pierre Prier’s famous April 12, 1911, flight journey landed him a place in the books of history. Unlike any other pilot of that time, Prier flew from London to Paris on this day without stopping at any other place which fell in this route. The journey lasted almost 4 hours and the distance covered was approximately 290 miles.



Highest Velocity Wind

Individuals working at the Mount Washington Observatory discovered something unusual on April 12, 1934. The velocity of the wind which blew in this region on this day measured 231 miles per hour on the Anemometer.



The Test Of The First Jet Engine

Jet engines have undoubtedly made travelling more convenient to the masses. The credit to this wonderful invention goes to Sir Frank Whittle, a former officer of the ‘Royal Air Force’ of England. The first engine of its kind was subjected to a test on April 12, 1937 and the rest as they say was history.



Introduction Of The Polio Vaccine

April 12, 1955 brought a huge sigh of relief to many people across the world, when they realized that a vaccine to eradicate Polio was finally invented. The man attributed to this solution to one of the world’s most dreaded diseases was Dr. Jonas Salk.



Yuri Gagarin’s Space Mission

Yuri Gagarin became a household name after achieving an incredible feat in space on April 12, 1961. The aircraft in which Gagarin traveled was Vostok-I revolved around the earth, a task which the Soviets and Americans were striving to achieve for a long time. This space journey fetched Gagarin several laurels.



Terry Fox Initiates ‘Marathon Of Hope’

Renowned athlete and activist Terry Fox sparked off a revolution on 12th April, 1980 when he went on a cross-country race across Canada, known as ‘Marathon of Hope’. The intention was to encourage the masses to donate money towards cancer research. This noble cause earned Terry a lot of praises and the Marathon grabbed the attention of the entire nation.



Space Shuttle ‘Columbia’ Takes Wings

This eventful day of 1981 was a milestone in the history of the space research giant ‘NASA’. This spacecraft, also known by the name ‘STS-I’, was launched on this historic day from ‘Kennedy Space Center’ located in Florida, United States.



Employees Of CBS Murdered

This grave incident, which occurred on April 12, 1982, sent shock waves across the United States. Three individuals employed with the popular television channel ‘CBS’ were gunned down at the parking lot of their office by a few miscreants holed up there.



Harvard Gets A Patent

The world famous ‘Harvard Medical School’ earned yet another feather in its cap, this time for gaining a patent for Oncomouse, an unusual find. The patent for this genetically altered mouse was granted to the renowned institution by the ‘United States Patent And Trademark Office’ on April 12, 1988.



Ration Cards Issued In U.S.S.R

Decades after the end of the infamous ‘World War II’, U.S.S.R began issuing ration cards to its citizens on April 12, 1989. The reason was the shortage of sugar across this country.



Sculptor Jim Gary’s Famous Exhibition

Renowned sculptor Jim Gary earned accolades for creating breathtaking sculptures using automobile parts which were disposed. On April 12, 1990, Gary exhibited his creation, ‘Twentieth Century Dinosaurs’, at the ‘National Museum of Natural History’.



Euro Disneyland Opens

After being one of America’s coolest weekend getaways, the world famous amusement park ‘Disneyland’ spread its tentacles to Europe and opened in Paris on April 12, 1992.



Canter And Siegel Make News For An Unusual Reason

Martha S Siegel and Laurence A. Carter were a couple, who were also lawyers by profession and worked together at an enterprise. The duo grabbed eyeballs on April 12, 1994, when they claimed to have earned $100,000 through a spam.



A Plot To Kill The Pope

It is alleged that a conspiracy was planned to eliminate the Pope during his visit to Sarajevo. On April 12, 1997, a few land mines were discovered under a bridge in the city during the religious leader’s trip to the city.



Drug Raid In Columbia

Columbia witnessed one of its biggest anti-drug raids on April 12, 2000. Approximately 1500 agents carried out the task of busting drug dealers and around 46 of them were detained.



Felicitation Of NI Police

Queen Elizabeth felicitated several officers of the ‘Royal Ulster Constabulary’ department of the Northern Ireland police force on April 12, 2000. The monarch was thoroughly impressed by the way the officers of this force dealt with violence in their jurisdiction for almost three decades.



Conviction Of Cleaves

Robert Cleaves, a famous actor of the bygone era faced the judiciary’s axe on April 12, 2000. A court ruled that the actor must spend 16 years in jail for killing a man while driving. The incident had occurred approximately 2 years before the court announced its decision.



The Decline Of The Zimbabwean Dollar

The Zimbabwean dollar, also sometimes denoted by Z$ was the official currency of the African nation since 1980. However, on April 12, 2009 it was declared that the currency would not be used anymore due to the turbulent situation of the nation’s economy.



‘Candy Crush Saga’ Released

While some abhor the game’s popularity on the social networking giant ‘Facebook’, many others are addicted to this famous video game. The ‘Candy Crush Saga’ came into existence on April 12, 2012 and since then the game has been very popular across the world.



Suicide Bombing In Chad

Also remembered as the ‘Kidal Suicide Attack’, this horrific incident occurred on April 12, 2013 at a market located in the north of Mali. This attack, said to be carried out by Islamic terrorists, resulted in the death of 3 soldiers.

People Born This Day

Jan Tinbergen
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics [ Dutch ]
Claire Danes
Known for Her Performance in TV Series 'Homeland' [ American ]
Henry Clay
Political Leader [ American ]
Tom Clancy
American Author Best Known for His Novel ‘The Hunt for Red October’ [ American ]
Lyman Hall
16th Governor of Georgia [ American ]
Otto Fritz Meyerhof
German Physician and Biochemist Who Won the 1922 Nobel Prize in Medicine [ German ]
Jacob Zuma
4th President of South Africa [ South African ]
Rana Sanga
Ruler of Mewar [ Indian ]
Raymond Barre
Former Prime Minister of France [ French ]
Nikolay Przhevalsky
Geographer, Explorer [ Russian ]
David Letterman
Television Host and Producer Best Known for His Long-Running Talk Show ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ [ American ]
David Cassidy
Actor & Singer Best Known for His Role of ‘Keith Partridge’ in the Musical Sitcom, ‘The Partridge Family’' [ American ]
Tiny Tim
Singer [ American ]
Marcello Lippi
Italian Former Professional Football Player and Manager [ Italian ]
Brendon Urie
Lead Singer and Multi-Instrumentalist of the Pop Rock Band 'Panic! at the Disco' [ American ]
Trinitee Stokes
Child Actress Known for Her Role as ‘Judy Cooper’ in the Disney TV Series ‘K.C. Undercover’ [ American ]
Andy Garcia
Actor and Director Best Known for His Films ‘Ocean's Eleven’ and ‘The Godfather Part III’ [ American ]
Ed O’Neill
Actor & Comedian Best Known for His Portrayal of 'Al Bundy' in the Fox Network Sitcom ‘Married...With Children’ [ American ]
Jennifer Morrison
Actress and Director, Best Known for Her Role as ‘Dr. Allison Cameron’ in the Film ‘House' [ American ]
Shannen Doherty
Actress [ American ]
Christina Moore
Actress [ American ]
Marley Shelton
Actress [ American ]
Brooklyn Decker
Actress & Model Known for Her Films: ‘Just Go with It’ and ‘What to Expect When You're Expecting’ [ American ]
Movita Castaneda
Actress [ American ]
Nick Hexum
Rapper [ American ]
Amin Elhassan
Sports Commentator [ Sudanese ]
Janina Vela
Filipino YouTube Star [ Filipino ]
Saoirse Ronan
American-Born Irish Actress Known for Her Work in Period Dramas [ Irish ]
Akai Osei
Actor [ British ]
Jessie James Decker
Country Singer-songwriter Known for Her Album 'Jessie James' [ American ]
Tyler Mitchell
Photographer [ American ]
True Thompson
Khloé Kardashian's Daughter [ American ]
Beverly Cleary
Writer [ American ]
Travis Mills
Actor [ American ]
Jeremy Beadle
Television host [ British ]
James Dougherty
American Police Officer and First Husband of Actress Marilyn Monroe [ American ]
Katelyn Ohashi
American Former Artistic Gymnast [ American ]
Paulo Londra
Rapper [ Argentinian ]
Ilana Glazer
Best Known for Her Comedy Central Series 'Broad City' [ American ]
Matt McGorry
Best Known for His Role as ‘John Bennett’ in the TV Series ‘Orange Is the New Black’ [ American ]
Ted Ginn Jr.
American Football Player [ American ]
Luca Guadagnino
Director & Producer Best Known for His Film 'Call Me by Your Name' [ Italian ]
Tulsi Gabbard
First Hindu Member of U.S. Congress [ American ]
Robert Durst
American Real Estate Heir and a Suspected Serial Killer [ American ]
TikTok Star [ American ]
Paris Rosenbaum
TikTok Star [ American ]
PresLee Grace Nelson
YouTuber Who is a Member of Not Enough Nelsons [ American ]
Haleigh Cox
American Instagrammer [ American ]
American TikToker [ American ]
Alayna Fender
Canadian YouTuber [ Canadian ]
Narcoleptic Nugget
Canadian YouTuber [ Canadian ]
Jasleen Saini
Canadian YouTuber [ Canadian ]
Canadian YouTuber [ Canadian ]
Alex Blue
American YouTuber [ American ]
American YouTuber [ American ]

People Died This Day

F. D. Roosevelt
32nd President of the United States [ American ]
Charles Messier
Astronomer [ French ]
Abbie Hoffman
Political Activist, Co-Founder of the 'Youth International Party' and Member of the 'Chicago Seven' [ American ]
Clara Barton
American Nurse Who Founded the American Red Cross [ American ]
Sugar Ray Robinson
One of the Greatest Boxers of All Time [ American ]
Adoniram Judson
Missionary [ American ]
Joe Louis
One of the Greatest and Most Influential Boxers of All Time. [ American ]
Josephine Baker
First Black Woman to Star in a Major Motion Picture, the 1927 Silent Film 'Siren of the Tropics' [ French ]
William M. Tweed
Member of the New York Senate from 1868 to 1873 [ American ]
George Wald
Scientist [ American ]
Igor Tamm
Soviet Physicist Who Won the 1958 Nobel Prize in Physics [ Russian ]
Stirling Moss
One of the Greatest Race Car Drivers Who Never Won a Formula One World Championship [ British ]
Joanna of Castile
Former Queen of Castile (1504 - 1555) [ Belgian ]
Charlie Murphy
Best Known as a Writer & Cast Member of the Sketch-Comedy Series 'Chappelle's Show' [ American ]
Georgia Engel
Best Known for Her Role as ‘Georgette Franklin Baxter’ in the TV Sitcom ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ [ American ]
Shirley Williams
Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords (2001-04) [ British ]
Tarvaris Jackson
American Football Player [ American ]
Lionel Logue
Former Speech Therapist to King George VI [ Australian ]
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