24th March In History

If you think your life is eventful, then the events that took place on the 24th March are going to make you re-think. For those of you who do not remember history, the list of the events related to March 24th, enlisted in history books and reliable online sources will blow you away. The 24th of March is replete with several such events, which many of us aren’t aware of. One such event is the ‘Quartering Act’, enforced by the British administration several years ago, in a bid to offer benefits to its military troops. 24th March was a day which is loaded with such events such as abolition of slavery or Benjamin West becoming the 1st American president of the ‘Royal Academy’ and so on. A detailed research will reveal that the date has many such amazing revelations associated with it. This day is packed with events in the fields of entertainment, politics and so on, giving you a whole new perspective about 24th March. Read on, about the historical events of 24th March for a better today and a brighter future.




James VI Becomes The Ruler Of Scotland

James VI of Scotland gained access to the royal throne on this day in 1603. He was sworn in as the new successor through a formal procedure called ‘Union of the Crowns’. He was later re-christened James I, as known to many historians today. His predecessor was the renowned last leader of the Tudor dynasty, Elizabeth.



Province Of Carolina Was Founded

The ‘Province Of Carolina’, which is now the American state of South Carolina, came into existence on March 24, 1663. The province was actually a piece of land granted by the monarch Charles II to an association of eight men of English descent known as ‘The Lords Proprietors’ back then.



Frederick I Was Crowned ‘The King Of Sweden’

Frederick I was sworn in as the ruler of Sweden on 24th March 1720 and served in this position for a period of 31 years. The demise of his brother-in-law ‘Charles XII of Sweden’, his predecessor, helped Frederick I secure this eminent position.



The Announcement Of The ‘Quartering Act’

The ‘Quartering Act’ was passed on 24th March 1765, to ensure that the British soldiers who served in American colonies were provided good accommodation. The residential options ranged from barracks and horse barns to even private homes.



The ‘Catholic Relief Act’ Was Passed

On March 24, 1829, the ‘Catholic Relief Act’ was passed by the parliament of the United Kingdom. The rule set the Catholics free from unwanted restrictions such as refrainment from political affairs. People of catholic faith could attend sessions of the Parliament as a result of the enforcement of the act.



African Canadian Men Receive Voting Rights

In Canada, the right to vote was customarily given only to Caucasian men who were quite well to do. However, this was vigorously opposed by a section of the society, mainly consisting of blacks, who were deprived of this right. The efforts of these people paid off on 24th March 1837, when African Canadian men were finally given the privilege to vote.



Slavery Is Abolished In Venezuela

This day in 1854 came as a relief for the slaves in Venezuela, when its former President General José Gregorio Monagas banned slavery. Even after the abolition of this evil, about 24,000 slaves were still left in Venezuela.



The Occurrence Of The Sakuradamon Incident

This ghastly incident took place on 24th March when Li Naosuke, the supreme administrator of Japan, was assassinated by Ronin, a famous samurai of his time. The brutal murder took place outside his office, just before the statesman was about to enter his workplace.



Wendell Phillips Booed In Cincinnati

Wendell Phillips, a well-known abolitionist and orator, condemned slavery and called it a great sin against humanity. Unfortunately, on March 24, 1862, when Phillips was speaking against slavery in Cincinnati, Ohio, he was heckled by an angry audience. These people pelted stones and eggs at him, forcing him to make an early exit.



The Declaration Of The ‘Tydings–Mcduffie Act’

On March 24, 1934, Philippines, a South East Asian country, gained its independence from the United States. The ‘Philippine Independence Act’, also called ‘Tyding-McDffie Act’, written by senator M.Y. Tyding and the Congress representative John McDuffie, was also passed on the same day.



The Infamous Fosse Ardeatine Massacre

The ‘Fosse Ardeatine massacre’ was carried out by the German armed forces on this day in 1944, as an act of vengeance against Italy. Just a day prior to this incident, the Italian forces had attacked the ‘SS Police Regiment Bozen’ of Germany, killing 335 people.



The Arrival Of The Cabinet Mission

The Indian independence movement culminated when the Cabinet Mission from England arrived in New Delhi, India on 24th March 1946, to make a crucial decision regarding the nation’s administration. The British authorities moved out of the Indian subcontinent a year later and paved the way for an all Indian government.



Truman Signs Off An Aid To Palestine

Israel’s War of Independence in 1948 resulted in the death of a large number of Palestinians and most of these suffered from starvation. On 24th March 1949, as a final solution to the Palestinian refugee crisis, President Harry S. Truman released $16 million as a part of the United Nations’ aid to rehabilitate the victims.



‘Party Of The African Federation’ Was Formed

The ‘Party of the African Federation (PFA)’ was established in West Africa (then ruled by the French), on March 24, 1959, by Léopold Sédar Senghor, a renowned poet and a politician. This political party was created with an aim of establishing a 'Black African nation freely associated with France', which failed because federalism was disliked by the African Nations.



The United Kingdom Imposes Direct Rule Over Northern Ireland

Sticking to its colonialist policies, the United Kingdom declared that it would govern North Ireland from its center in Westminster on March 24, 1972. This rule of governance dissolved on 08th May 2007 when the ‘St. Andrews Agreement’ restored North Ireland’s assembly.



41st President Of Argentina De-throned

24th March 1976 was an eventful day in Argentina’s political history since its then president Isabel Peron was thrown out of power on this day. Later, General Jorge Rafael Videla of the ‘National Reorganization Process’ succeeded the famous political leader. Surprisingly, the U.S Department of State knew about this coup two months before it was executed.



Day Of Remembrance For Truth And Justice

On this day, the people of Argentina honor the victims of the ‘Coup d'état of 1976’, also infamously known as the ‘Dirty War’. It was through this coup that the ‘National Reorganization Process’ gained power and controlled the nation till 10 December, 1983.



United States And Cuba Engage In Direct Negotiations

On March 24, 1977, U.S and Cuba indulged in a discussion about fishing rights and the establishment of marine boundaries. Former American president Jimmy Carter was the one who initiated these talks and it resulted in the relationship between the two countries turning sour.



An Eventful Day In The History Of Iraq

24th March, 2003 was a victorious day for the Iraqi military, since they managed to defend themselves succesfully from the brutal attack of the ‘3rd Infantry Division’ of the U.S army. The attack cost the American army their most priced helicopter, ‘Boeing AH-64 Apache’.



Bhutan’s First National Assembly Election

24th March 2008 was a day of great prominence for the citizens of Bhutan. The country’s first National Assembly elections were held on this date. The two parties who contested for the elections, were ‘Bhutan Peace and Prosperity Party’ and the ‘All People's Party’.



The Battle Of Bang Bo

This gory war was fought between the French and the Chinese forces, ended on this day in 1885. This bloody battle lasted for around two days, leaving more than a thousand people dead and injuring several others.



The Start Of The Kosovo Air War

The ‘Kosovo war’ was fought from 28th February 1998 to 11 June 1999 between the ‘Federal Republic of Yugoslavia’ and ‘Kosovo Liberation Army’, a rebel outfit. Fortunately for the rebel group, the military organization ‘NATO’ supported them and on March 24th, 1999, they carried out an aerial bombardment on Yugoslavia together.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Landfill Gas Explosion

A massive gas explosion occurred in Loscoe, England, which brought down a house to ashes and left three people battered. On the night of this dreadful incident, the atmospheric pressure plummeted to 29 mbar.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

The ‘Exxon Valdez’ Oil Spill

‘Exxon Valdez’ was a huge oil tanker which carried approximately 55 million gallons of oil. It was owned by the ‘Exxon Shipping Company’ and captained by Joseph Hazelwood. It was on this day in 1989 that the vessel struck the Bligh Reef, a stretch located near Alaska, spilling millions of gallons of oil. This catastrophe was later surpassed by another similar event called the ‘Deepwater Horizon oil spill’, which was far more disastrous.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Deadly Fire In The Mont Blanc Tunnel

A ghastly accident took place in ‘Mont Blanc Tunnel’ in Europe, which claimed the lives of 38 people on March 24th, 1999. The tragedy occurred when a truck carrying flour and margarine caught fire which lasted for 3 days, killing the people trapped in the vehicles behind the truck.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Sjursøya Train Accident Killed Many

On this petrifying day of 2010, sixteen train cars were being shunted at the Alnabru station, when the train lost control. It started rolling towards the port named Sjursøya with a speed of about 120Km/h, ultimately derailing and crashing into a building. The horrifying accident killed three people and injuring four.


Literature & Entertainment

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Tribute To Christian Ludwig

Popularly addressed as the ‘The Brandenburg Concertos’, this compilation of the six best works of the legendary musician Johann was a tribute to his contemporary, Ludwig, on March 24, 1721. These six mind-blowing compositions are considered to be the best musical works of the glorious Baroque era.


Literature & Entertainment

The First Performance Of ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’

Directed by Tennessee Williams, the successful play ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ was performed for the first time on March 24, 1955. The renowned play also grabbed the prestigious ‘Pulitzer Prize for Drama’ and attained a cult status later on.


Literature & Entertainment

The U.S Judiciary Gives A Positive Nod To ‘Lady Chatterly’s Lover’

‘Lady Chatterley’s lover’ was a novel by D.H Lawrence, banned in several parts of the world, due to its sexually explicit content and the use of ‘offensive’ language. However, on March 24, 1960, the U.S law court said that it was acceptable on the basis of ‘redeeming social importance’, which signified a remarkable change in social values.


Literature & Entertainment

Halle Berry And Denzel Washington Win The Oscars

Halle Berry won the prestigious Oscar for ‘Best Actress’ on this day, making it an historic event, since she was the first African-American woman to win this laurel. Actor Denzel Washington was the second man of African-American descent in history to win the same award in the male category, on the same day.



Benjamin West Becomes The 1st American President Of The Royal Academy

Benjamin West became the 1st American to be crowned the president of the renowned institution ‘Royal Academy of Arts’. This historic event occurred on the 24th of March, 1792. He believed that Art is a elegant and a magneficient medium to describe human beauty.



The ‘Philadelphia & Columbia Railway’ Was Legalized By The State

Pennsylvania’s first government project in the railways department, ‘The Philadelphia & Columbia Railway’ was sanctioned on this day. It was the world’s first train track to be built under the supervision of the government authorities.



The Birth Of ‘Metlife’

The well-known ‘Metropolitan Life Insurance Company’ came into being on 24th March, with its headquarters based in the U.S. The firm had a whopping 90 million clienteles and is considered one among the largest and the most successful life insurance organizations in the world.



Robert Koch Announces His Path-Breaking Discovery

Robert Koch, a renowned name in the field of microbiology, announced to the world on 24th March, 1882, about a deadly bacteria that caused Tuberculosis. According to Koch, ‘Mycobacterium tuberculosis’ was the root cause of this deadly illness.



Alexander Stepanovich Popov Displays The First Radio Signal Transmission

On this day, A.S Popov, an outstanding physicist used radio waves for communicaton between two dwellings in St Petersburg. In some parts of the world, like Eastern Europe, he is remembered as the ‘Inventor of radio’.



‘Dro’ A Georgian Newspaper Published For The First Time

‘Dro’ was a Georgian newspaper that was published in Tbilisi for the first time on March 24th, 1907. Only 31 editions of this renowned newspaper were published and it was forcibly stopped later due to pressure from the state authorities.



The First U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Was Established At Morehead City

It was on this day in 1920 that the U.S coast guard established its first Air Base in a discarded naval air Station in Morehead City, North Carolina. The establishment of the air station made it easier for the coast guard to smuggle Whiskey.



The Brutal McMahon Killings

On 24th March, 1922 the gruesome murder of about 6 men of Catholic faith took place and this episode of crime is now remembered as the ‘McMahon murders’. The master mind of this brutal mass-murder is not yet certain, but the ‘Royal Irish Constabulary’ and ‘Ulster Special Constabulary’ are the prime suspects of the crime.



Belle Baker Hosted The Radio Show On A Moving Train

Singer Belle Baker presented a show for the ‘WABC’ radio station in New York City on this day. It was the first time in world history that a radio show was hosted from a moving train.



Elvis Presley Joined The U.S. Army

It was on this day in 1958, that the king of ‘rock and roll’ Elvis Presley, officially became a part of the U.S army. Rather than simply stick to the privileged life of an entertainer, Elvis served as a regular soldier till he left the army in 1960.



First Teach-In Held At The ‘University Of Michigan’

A ‘Teach-in’ is an interactive kind of an education system with no time limit. On the 24th of March 1965, the first ‘Teach-In’ event was conducted at the ‘University Of Michigan’. The subject for this teach-in event was the ‘U.S involvement in the Vietnam War’ which continued throughout the night and ended only early next morning.



‘NASA’ Spacecraft ‘Ranger 9’ Landed

Ranger 9 was an American spacecraft which landed on the Moon on 24th March 1965. This feat was an incredible one in the history of the space research giant.



The Premiere Of The Famous News Show ‘Nightline’

It was on this day in 1980 that a late night U.S news show called ‘Nightline’ was aired for the first time. A brainchild of the renowned media executive, Roone Arledge, ‘Nightline’ was ranked 23rd on ‘TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time’ in 2002 and is running even today.



The Launch Of The Satellite ‘Delta Star’

‘Delta Star’ was an Earth orbiting satellite, which was propelled into space on this day in 1989 by the U.S based space research giant ‘NASA’. This spacecraft which possessed the most sophisticated technology, was launched to carry out scientific experiments. However, it became dysfunctional on the 27th of December, 1990.



Comet ‘Shoemaker–Levy 9’ Discovered

‘Shoemaker-Levy9’ was the first comet to make headlines all over after it was noticed that the celestial body revolved around Jupiter. It was discovered by M. Shoemaker and David Levy on this eventful day of 1993.



Shannon Lucid Enters Mir

It was on this day in 1996 that U.S. astronaut Shannon Lucid docked her space shuttle ‘Atlantis’ on ‘Mir’, a spacestation. ‘Mir’ was shared with two other Russian cosmonauts for about 6 months, setting the American record for the longest period in space.



Mitchell Johnson And Andrew Golden Committed A Massacre

Two kids named Mitchell and Andrew executed a gruesome shootout in 1998 and mercilessly murdered five people. The insane duo also went on to injure 10 people in this cold-blooded act of butchery.



Mac OS X 10.0 Released

‘Apple’ celebrated the release of its first version of ‘Mac OSX 10.0’ on March 24, 2001. This operating system used a completely different code base and memory system, but did not do very well since users felt it lacked several features.



The Ferrari ‘Around-The-World Relay’ Pauses In L.A

The Ferrari ‘around-the-world relay’ which started on January 28th 2007, hit the streets of L.A on March 24th, the same year. The relay marked the various important advances that ‘Ferrari’ made in the history of automobiles. The event was a phenomenal success with tons of people enthusiastically taking part in it.

People Born This Day

Constantine Andreou
Was a Painter, Sculptor of Greek Origin [ Brazilian ]
Andrew William Mellon
Industrialist, Philanthropist [ American ]
David Suzuki
Canadian Academic, Environmental Activist and Host of TV Program ‘The Nature of Things’ [ Canadian ]
Edward Weston
Photographer [ American ]
Steven McQueen
Actor [ American ]
William Morris
Textile Designer, Poet [ British ]
Agnes Macphail
Member of Ontario Provincial Parliament (1943-45, 1948-51) [ Canadian ]
R. Lee Ermey
American actor [ American ]
Alyson Hannigan
Best Known for Her Roles in the Sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother' & the 'American Pie' Film Series [ American ]
Alan Sugar
British Business Magnate and Founder of Consumer Electronics Company 'Amstrad' [ British ]
Tommy Hilfiger
American Fashion Designer and Founder of ‘Tommy Hilfiger Corporation’ [ American ]
David Irving
English Author and Holocaust Denier Known for His Works: ‘The Destruction of Dresden’ and ‘Hitler’s War’ [ British ]
Malcolm Muggeridge
Journalist and Author [ British ]
Peyton Manning
One of the Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time [ American ]
Harry Houdini
Illusionist and Stunt Performer Known for His Sensational Escape Acts [ Hungarian ]
The Undertaker
One of the Greatest Professional Wrestlers of All Time [ American ]
Steve Ballmer
Former CEO of Microsoft (2000 - 2014) [ American ]
Peter Debye
Dutch-American Physical Chemist and Physicist Who Won the 1936 Nobel Prize in Chemistry [ American ]
Matilda Joslyn Gage
Abolitionist, Freethinker, Author [ American ]
John Wesley Powell
Explorer, Geologist [ American ]
Ranil Wickremasinghe
9th President of Sri Lanka [ Sri Lankan ]
Sidney Reilly
British Secret Service Bureau Agent [ Russian ]
Dario Fo
Winner of 1997 Nobel Prize in Literature [ Italian ]
John Kendrew
English Biochemist, Crystallographer and One of the Winners of the 1962 Nobel Prize in Chemistry [ British ]
Joseph Priestley
Discoverer of Oxygen [ British ]
Michiel de Ruyter
17th Century Dutch Admiral Who is Regarded as One of the Most Skilled Admirals in History [ Dutch ]
Wilhelm Reich
One of the Most Radical Figures in the History of Psychiatry [ Austrian ]
Chris Bosh
American Former Professional Basketball Player Who Played As a Power Forward / Center [ American ]
Aziz Shavershian
Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer and Model [ Australian ]
Jonathan Jafari
Internet Personality Known for His YouTube Web Series ‘JonTron’ [ American ]
Jessica Chastain
Known for Starring in Films With Feminist Themes [ American ]
Lara Flynn Boyle
Best Known for Her Role as ‘Donna Hayward’ in the TV Series ‘Twin Peaks’ [ American ]
Jim Parsons
Actor [ American ]
Han Chae-ah
Actress [ South Korean ]
Robert Carradine
Actor [ American ]
Haruka Ayase
Actress [ Japanese ]
Shayna Taylor
American Model [ American ]
Isaac Carew
British Chef and Model [ British ]
Tyler Toney
One of the Five Co-Founders of the Popular YouTube Channel ‘Dude Perfect’ [ American ]
YouTube Star [ American ]
Valentin Chmerkovskiy
Professional Dancer and Choreographer [ Ukrainian ]
Mary Berry
English Food Writer, Chef and Television Presenter [ British ]
Toni Romiti
Singer [ American ]
Reuben De Maid
Singer, Makeup Artist [ Welsh ]
Kelly LeBrock
American Actress Best Known for Her Films: ‘The Woman in Red’, ‘Weird Science’ and ‘Hard to Kill’ [ American ]
Aarika Wolf
American Instagram Star [ American ]
Megyn Price
Actress [ American ]
Murray Hamilton
Actor [ American ]
Brennan Elliott
Best Known for His Role as ‘Dr. Nick Biancavilla’ in the Lifetime Medical Drama Series ‘Strong Medicine’ [ Canadian ]
CJ Perry
Professional Wrestler Known for Her Time in WWE Under the Ring Name ‘Lana’ [ American ]
Thomas E. Dewey
47th Governor of New York [ American ]
Shannon Beador
Television Personality [ American ]
María Valverde
Spanish Actress Best Known for Her Film ‘The Weakness of the Bolshevik’ [ Spanish ]
Philip Winchester
Actor [ American ]
Christina Evangeline
Canadian Model and Wellness Advisor [ Canadian ]
Lake Bell
Actress, Screenwriter and Director Known for Her Film 'In a World' [ American ]
Dennis Erickson
Football coach [ American ]
Amir Arison
Actor [ American ]
Angellica Bell
Television Presenter [ British ]
Donna Pescow
Actress [ American ]
Lauren Bowles
Actress [ American ]
Joseph Joe Barbera
Director, Co-Founder of the Animation Studio and Production Company ‘Hanna-Barbera’ [ American ]
Kaila Novak
Canadian Soccer Player and TikTok Star [ Canadian ]
Kayla Kosuga
American YouTube Star [ American ]
TikTok Star [ American ]
Luke Nelson
YouTuber [ American ]
Sienna Rawlings
Canadian Instagrammer [ Canadian ]
Derek Hancher
Canadian TikToker [ Canadian ]
Romello Greer
British YouTuber [ British ]
Ella Donnelly
British TikToker [ British ]
Saoirse Alicia Behzadi
British Instagrammer [ British ]
Brogan Tate
British YouTuber [ British ]
Isaac Rose
British YouTuber [ British ]
Charlotte James
British TikToker [ British ]
Meghan Hughes
American YouTuber [ American ]

People Died This Day

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
First American poet to translate Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy [ American ]
Enrique Granados
Spanish Pianist and Composer Known for His Works: ‘Goyescas’, ‘Spanish Dances’, and ‘María del Carmen’ [ Spanish ]
An Wang
Co-founder of Wang Laboratories [ Chinese ]
Garry Shandling
Stand-up Comedian [ American ]
John Harrison
Clockmaker [ British ]
Jules Verne
French Author Who Was One of the Pioneers of the Modern Science Fiction Genre [ French ]
Alexander Alekhine
Russian-French Former Chess Champion [ Russian ]
John Hersey
American writer [ American ]
Philip Dormer Stanhope Chesterfield
Statesman [ British ]
Óscar Romero
Salvadoran Roman Catholic Archbishop [ Salvadoran ]
Elizabeth I of England
Queen of England [ British ]
Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
British Army Officer Who Served in the First and Second World Wars and the Irish War of Independence [ British ]
Johan Cruyff
One of the Greatest Football Players & One of the Best Managers Ever [ Dutch ]
Cesar Milstein
Biochemist, Immunologist [ Argentinian ]
Cristóbal Balenciaga
Fashion Designer [ Spanish ]
Mary Ann Cotton
Serial Killer [ British ]
Mary of Teck
Former Queen Consort of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions (1910 - 1936) [ British ]
Paul I of Russia
Emperor of Russia (1796 - 1801) [ Russian ]
Harun al-Rashid
Caliph [ Iranian ]
Robert Culp
Known for His Role as 'Kelly Robinson' in TV series 'I Spy' [ American ]
Virginia Hill
American Organized Crime Figure [ American ]
Jessica Walter
Best Known for Her Role as ‘Lucille Bluth’ in the TV Series ‘Arrested Development’ [ American ]
Earl Hamner Jr.
Television Writer [ American ]
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