18th March In History

Apart from a few days of national importance, such as the Independence Day or probably the death anniversary of a revolutionary, we know very little about the historic significance of other dates. If asked about the prominent events of world history, which occurred on 18 March, many of us would be quite blank. However, several sources cite different iconic events which took place on this date of the year. These events range from drastic developments in the world of politics to sports and even entertainment. Several bloody wars were also waged on the same day and the details of the aftermath will leave one quite astonished. Many great enterprise initiatives were founded on 18 March and the immense successes of some of them have set an example for several other business honchos to follow. The date is remembered by many researchers for being the birth and death anniversaries of several renowned political figures, authors, sportsmen as well as actors. While scrolling down the list, you will be surprised by the kind of events which have occurred on this day. Therefore, March 18 isn’t going to be an ordinary day anymore.




The Last Adjournment Of The Congress Of Confederate States

One of the highlights of the ‘American Civil War’ was this group of lawmakers which governed the Confederate states of America. The Confederate consisted of seven slave states which considered itself independent from the rest of America and this legislative body was the key decision maker of its internal affairs. The final adjournment of the Congress occurred on 18 March 1865 and towards the end of the year, this governing body dissolved.



The Paris Commune Of 1871

After the great French emperor Napoleon III was overthrown from power, a new government was formed on 18 March, 1871. Headed by Adolphe Thiers, the new style of administration which lasted for around four months, led to several revolts in the country.



Assassination Of King Of Greece

Crowned as the King of Greece at the tender age of 17, George I was not just a favorite amongst his subjects, but also garnered the support of the ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland’. However, he was murdered by a man named Alexandros Schinas, who claimed that the king ‘hadn’t helped him with money’.



Gandhi Imprisonment

Undoubtedly one of the most prominent faces of India’s independence movement, Mahatma Gandhi was sentenced to a rigorous imprisonment of 6 years on this date. He was accused of ‘civil disobedience’, an act of violation of rules imposed by the government. However, Gandhi happened to serve only 2 years in prison.



Adolf Hitler And Benito Mussolini Meet

Perhaps this event was the inspiration behind the iconic flick ‘Tea with Mussolini’. The Nazi leader joined hands with the great Mussolini to revolt against the United Kingdom. The duo happened to meet at the ‘Brenner Pass’, a valley located between Italy and Austria.



Dwight D. Eisenhower Grants Hawaiian Statehood

Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States, signed the famous bill on March 18, 1959, which declared Hawaii as a separate state. The declaration was enforced on August 21 that year.



Government Of Panama, ‘State Of Urgency’

Panama was adversely affected by the acute political turmoil and economic downfall during the 1980s, a situation which put its leader Gen Manuel Antonio Noriega in a fix. The helpless politician declared a ‘state of urgency’ on March 18, 1988 in a bid to restore the normal functioning of banks and other similar financial enterprises.



German Democratic Republic Vote

18 March 1990 is a date of great significance in Germany’s political history since the nation’s first democratic voting, recognized by many as the ‘East German General Election’ was held on this date.



US Federal Judge’s Famous Decision

An announcement which surprised many on 18 March, 1999 was that a federal judge from the United States ordered a few telephone firms to spend $6.2 Million. The lawman ordered that the payment had to be made to the family members of 3 people of Cuban descent who lost their lives in the US in 1996. The deaths were caused by ‘Mig-29’ aircrafts which shot down ‘Cessna 337s’. Of the $6.2 Million, $4.2 Million were to be provided by telecommunication giant ‘AT&T’ and the remaining amount was to be contributed by the firms ‘MCI’ and ‘LDDS’ respectively.



Barack Obama’s ‘Jobs Bill’ Signing

One of the path-breaking accomplishments of the Obama-led government was the famous ‘Jobs Bill’, which the Democrat leader had signed on March 18, 2010. Formally known as the ‘Hiring Incentives To Restore Employment (HIRE) Act of 2010’, this bill was a move to improve job opportunities across the United States.



Jean Bertrand Aristide Arrives After Exile Haiti

18 March 2011, was a bright day in the life of Haiti’s first democratically elected president, Jean Bertrand Aristide. After being forced into exile following a 2004 political coup, Aristide couldn’t visit his nation even during the Haiti earthquake. However, after a period of 7 years, the leader arrived at Haiti on March 18, 2011 and was warmly welcomed by the masses.



The Third Anglo-Powhatan War

18 March 1644 saw the advent of another historic battle – the 3rd ‘Anglo-Powhatan War’. This clash between the inhabitants of Virginia Colony, who were of English origin and people of Indian descent belonging to the ‘Powhatan Confederacy’, lasted for a period of two years.



The Historic March Revolution Of 1848

Before the rise of the notorious dictator Adolf Hitler, this agitation which sparked off on 18th March 1848, went on to gain the attention of the entire world and eventually found a place in the history books too. The motive of the agitation was to unify all the German states to form one nation and the need for a democratic rule. People belonging to the working class stressed for a better economy through these protests.



Dardanelles Attack

The sleepy Dardanelles region of Turkey became a place of great historic significance after an ambush carried out on the 18th of March, 1915. The ‘Allied Forces’, which consisted of the French and British naval troops, launched a devastating attack, which led to the capsizing of three battleships. While summarizing the major events that occurred during ‘World War I’, it is unjust to not mention this episode.



Spanish Civil War – Battle Of Guadalajara

The ‘Battle of Guadajara’, which was one of the most prominent events of the ‘Spanish Civil War’, took a dramatic turn on 18 March, 1937. The ‘People’s Republican Army’ had managed to successfully outdo their opponents, the Italians and Nationalists by this date.



The Establishment Of War Relocation Authority

Tales of the infamous holocaust and the cruelty at Nazi concentration camps are well known, but not many are aware of how the Japanese suffered at the hands of Americans. Under the leadership of Franklin D Roosevelt, the American government initiated the ‘War Relocation Authority’ for the forceful detention of people of Japanese descent, on 18 March, 1942.



Invasion Of Mainland China

18th March 1950, marked the beginning of a great turmoil in the Communist governed China, when the nationalist defense forces invaded the nation. Backed by air and naval forces, the nationalists captured the town of Sungmen, 200 miles off Shanghai.



Vietnam War, U.S Bombs Cambodia

During the bloody ‘Vietnam War’, the United States launched an attack on the Sihanouk Trail in Cambodia in 1969. The B-52 bomber aircrafts carried out this merciless operation on the Asian region.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Tri-State Tornado

The year 1925 scarred the states of Missouri, Indiana and Illinois, due to the impact made by a natural disaster. ‘The Tri State Tornado’ hit the nation on 18th March and killed approximately 695 and left thousands homeless.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

New London School, Texas Explosion

This institution in Texas, USA, depended mostly on natural gas to cater to its energy needs and this was the root cause of the disaster. A devastating explosion at this school on March 18, 1937 killed more than 300 pupils of this school. It is remembered as one of the ‘worst school tragedies’ in the history of the United States.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Mount Vesuvius Eruption, Italy

Located In the ‘Gulf of Naples’ near Italy, this place is a haven for geologists since it is one of the few volcanic mountains in the world. In 1944, hot lava exploded from the mouth of the Vesuvius, resulting in the death of 26. Several people had to even flee from their homes to protect themselves from the natural disaster.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Earthquake In Turkey

This great natural calamity, which measured 7.5 on the Richter scale, struck Western Turkey, resulting in the death of nearly 265 people. The Çanakkale and Balıkesir provinces of the nation were the worst affected due to this natural calamity.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Tanker Torrey Canyon Wrecked

The ‘SS Torrey Canyon’ was a vessel which carried approximately 120,000 tons of crude oil. On 18 March 1967, the massive vessel wrecked while cruising along the English coast. This resulted in the spilling of the oil, causing an environmental hazard.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Peru Earthquake & Landslide

A horrific landslide and earthquake spelt doom for the residents of Peru in 1971. The death toll caused by this natural calamity was estimated to be around 200. The region surrounding the Yanawayin Lake was the worst affected due to this tragedy and most of them who lost their lives were miners.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Plesetsk Cosmodrome Explosion

A catastrophe, which occurred at this space hub located in Russia, has ensured its inscription in history books. This grave incident occurred in 1980, when a rocket named ‘Vostok 2M’ was stationed at the launch pad of this cosmodrome. During the process of fueling, this carrier unexpectedly exploded, claiming the lives of as many as 50 individuals.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Nightclub Fire In Philippines

At around 11:35 PM on 18 March 1996, the ‘Ozone Disco Club’ in Philippines witnessed its worst moments. A fire broke out at this party hub, leading to the massacre of 162 individuals who had come in a bid to unwind.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

Russian Anton AN- 24 Crash

The ‘Antonov AN – 24’, a Russian passenger aircraft, flying towards Turkey, ended crashing midway, much to the horror of many Russian citizens. All the 50 people onboard unfortunately died due to the accident, leading to the discontinuation of ‘AN – 24’ services.



The Foundation Of The ‘Stanley Cup’

Lord Stanley of Preston, a renowned politician and a member of the ‘Conservative Party’ was a great patron of sports. On March 18, 1892, the Earl declared that a silver cup would be donated by him to the team which proves its mettle in Hockey. Thus, the move paved the way for the world famous ‘Stanley Cup’.



Michael Jordan Withdraws Retirement

Easily one of the biggest names in the world of Basketball, the legendary Michael Jordan decided to hang his boots in March 1995. The reason was the ’Major League Basketball Strike’ which shook Jordan’s interest in the game. However, on March 18 1995, the Basketball player announced that he would continue playing. Remember the famous ‘I’m back’ statement?



The Death Of A Spectator

18 March, 2002 was a black day in the history of Ice hockey. Brittanie Cecil, a young fan of the game, was badly injured while watching the game, after being hit by a puck.Unfortunately, Cecil who was 13 years of age then, passed away on this date. Since then, the ‘National Hockey League’ has been issuing warnings on tickets and hoardings about the dangers of flying pucks.


Literature & Entertainment

Edward Robinson Audition

Remember this famous yesteryear actor, who has essayed several roles in iconic films? Edward Robinson’s 18 March 1957 audition is quite famous. Its believed that the actor was nervous during this test and later on his stage fright episode was talked about quite a lot.


Literature & Entertainment

Irving Berlin Copyrights That Famous Song

The song ‘Alexander’s Ragtime Band’ became a sensation across the United States during the early years of the 20th century. Irving Berlin, the composer fetched a copyright on 18 March 1911, for this song and since then hundreds of music composers have followed suit.


Literature & Entertainment

Dismissal Of The Infamous Mary Whitehouse Case

Mary Whitehouse filed a case against a playwright named Michael Bogdanov, who had directed a play named ‘Romans’. Irked by an alleged male rape scene, Whitehouse tried suing Michael on grounds of morality and glorification of sexual violence. However, the case was dismissed on 18 March 1982. Had he lost the case, Bogdanov would have served a jail sentence of two years.


Literature & Entertainment

First Episode Of ‘Neighbors’

Remember this famous Australian television series? Well, at least those who were raised in the 1980’s most probably will. The first episode of ‘Neighbors’ was aired on 18 March, 1985 and later on the series attained cult status.



St Gregory III Becomes Catholic Pope

This fact would leave the admirers of the Vatican pleasantly surprised. On this day in 731, St. Gregory III, was elected to the esteemed designation of the Pope. This speaks volumes about the number of people who have served in the position, over the years.



New York Conspiracy Of 1741 – George Clarke’s Complex

U.S history has witnessed many conspiracy speculations and one among these is the great ‘New York Conspiracy’ of 1741. Termed as he ‘Negro Plot of 1741’, this was allegedly planned by the Black Americans and people from the lower sections of society against the influential members of the American society. Lieutenant Governor George Clarke’s residence was one of the targets of this attack and on 18 March 1741, a great fire had engulfed his house, which made headlines across the country. Following this incident, several other places belonging to influential Americans went up in flames within the next couple of months.



The Martyrdom Of Tolpuddle Agriculturists

What seemed to be a spark of agricultural revolution, was doused on 18 March, 1834. A group of six laborers formed an association named ‘Friendly Society of Agricultural Laborers’, which was considered illegal. The authorities considered this to be a crime and hence, convicted the men and deported them to Australia.



‘American Express’ – Wells & Fargo

18th March is remembered as an iconic day, especially by those who are associated with the banking sector. Rated by the globally renowned ‘Fortune’ magazine as ‘ one of the 20 most admired companies’, the ‘American Express’ was founded by noted entrepreneurs Henry Wells and William .G. Fargo on this date.



Wells Fargo Company

These influential entrepreneurs founded yet another financial enterprise just 2 years after the initiation of the ‘American Express’ bank. Yes, we are talking about the firm ‘Wells Fargo’ which went on to provide employment opportunities to millions of people later on.



Studebaker Bankruptcy

Once a great automobile manufacturer, now there’s hardly anyone who knows about ‘Studebaker’. On March 18, 1933, the firm had formally declared that it is bankrupt, and as a result its president Albert Erskine had to step down from the esteemed designation. Shockingly, Erskine also committed suicide after the firm became bankrupt. Although ‘Studebaker’ did overcome the crisis, the automaker shut down in 1966.



Lt. Col. Alexei Leonov ‘First Man To Walk In Space’

Currently 81 years old, Russian Cosmonaut Alexey Leonov has set an example for all astronauts and space research enthusiasts to follow. Although several individuals have travelled to places outside earth, Leonov surpassed them all by becoming the first man to walk in space. This exploration lasted 12 minutes and throughout the walk Leonov was supported by a 16 feet cable, attached to his spaceship.



U.S Postal Strike

On March 18, 1970, the employees of the U.S postal department launched a protest which not just got the attention of the nation but the rest of the world as well. This agitation lasted more than two weeks and it has been dubbed one of the greatest ‘wildcat’ protests in the history of America. It earned this infamous recognition since the strike was carried out without the consent of the central leadership of the postal union.



Biggest ‘Art’ Crime In The History Of US

Bank robberies and ransacking stores have been quite common, but something horrific was discovered on March 18, 1990. 12 exotic works of art, which were installed at the ‘Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’ in Boston, were stolen. The total worth of these paintings were worth $300 Million.



Steve Jobs Marries Laurene Powell

One of the greatest examples of entrepreneurship, the founder of the multi-Billion-dollar information technology giant, ‘Apple’, tied the knot on this day. Laurene Powell was Steve’s long time girlfriend and remained the love of his life, until his death.



Murders At Yosemite

These three women, namely Juli Sund, Carole Sund and Silvina Pelosso had mysteriously gone missing for more than a month, raising a serious concern across the nation. On March 18, 1999, the carcasses of Silvina and Carole were recovered from a badly burnt car. A week later even Juli’s body was found, resulting in claims that all three were probably murdered on the same day.



Kano Bus Bombing, Nigeria

This mass murder attempt was aimed at the followers of a religious sect in Nigeria. Several Christians boarded five buses from the ‘Kano Bus Station’ on March 18, 2013 and were headed towards the south of the nation. A ‘Volkswagen Golf’, armed with explosives followed these five buses which moved together towards their destination. The ‘Volkswagen Golf’ then hit one of the buses leading to an immediate explosion. As a result, around 22 people lost their lives, but several media sources claim that the number of casualties was much higher.



Darko Saric, Drug Lord Surrenders To The Police

Drug mafia lord Darko Saric had been troubling the lawmen and police officials for quite some time, until he was finally nabbed in 2014. He was being hunted for four years, but finally surrendered to the cops and was flown in to Serbia, where he is currently serving a jail term.



Bardo National Museum Attack, Tunisia

This incident which occurred in Tunisia, a small nation located in Northern Africa, grabbed the entire world’s attention. On March 18, 2015, a group of militants captured the ‘Bardo National Museum’ in this country. Although the police forces soon jumped into action and restored normalcy soon, the insurgents did quite a bit of damage. Around 23 people, mostly European citizens, lost their lives and approximately 50 were injured due to the attack.

People Born This Day

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Russian Composer Known for His Operas: ‘Sadko’ and ‘The Tale of Tsar Saltan’ [ Russian ]
Dane Cook
Stand-Up Comedian and Actor [ American ]
Edgar Cayce
Clairvoyant [ American ]
Neville Chamberlain
Prime Minister of the U.K. [ British ]
Vanessa Williams
Singer [ American ]
Grover Cleveland
The 22nd and 24th President of the United States [ American ]
Wilfred Owen
Poet [ British ]
John Updike
Poet, Novelist [ American ]
Queen Latifah
Best Known as 'Queen of Rap' [ American ]
Fabian Cancellara
Swiss Former Professional Racing Cyclist and Two-Time Olympic Gold Medallist [ Swiss ]
Peter Jones
Entrepreneur [ British ]
John C. Calhoun
7th Vice President of the U.S.A [ American ]
Adam Levine
Lead Vocalist of the Pop Rock Band 'Maroon 5'. [ American ]
Randal Cremer
Politician [ British ]
Stéphane Mallarmé
French Symbolist Poet [ French ]
Robert Donat
Actor [ British ]
Cameron Cook
British TikTok Star [ British ]
Rudolf Diesel
Inventor of Diesel Engine [ French ]
Yakov Dzhugashvili
Joseph Stalin's Son [ Georgian ]
Mike Rowe
Television Host and Narrator Known for His TV Series ‘Dirty Jobs’ and ‘Somebody's Gotta Do It’ [ American ]
Kenny Lynch
Singer [ British ]
Hayley Stewart
Australian TikTok Star [ Australian ]
Peter Graves
Best Known for His Role as ‘Jim Phelps’ in the TV Series ‘Mission: Impossible’ [ American ]
Lily Collins
Actress Best Known for Her Films: 'The Blind Side', 'Rules Don't Apply' and 'To the Bone' [ British ]
Ciara Bravo
Best Known for Her Role as ‘Katie Knight’ on TV Series ‘Big Time Rush’ [ American ]
Jang Na-ra
Musician, Actress [ South Korean ]
Sutton Foster
Actress, Singer [ American ]
Jada Facer
Actress, Singer [ American ]
Julia Goldani Telles
Actress and Ballet Dancer [ American ]
Maesi Caes
American Professional Dancer and a Member of the Reality TV Competition Show ‘Dance Moms’ [ American ]
Brazilian YouTube Gamer [ Brazilian ]
Rapper [ American ]
Mia Maples
Canadian Social Media Personality and YouTuber [ Canadian ]
Sophia Myles
Actress [ British ]
Solai Wicker
American TikTok Star [ American ]
Jaci Butler
Rock Singer [ American ]
Chris Geere
Actor [ British ]
Arundhati Bhattacharya
Banker [ Indian ]
Alex Higgins
Northern Irish Professional Snooker Player [ Northern Irish ]
F. W. de Klerk
1st Deputy President of South Africa [ South African ]
Michael J. Knowles
Political Commentator [ American ]
Grant Marshall
American Vlogger, TikToker, and Internet Celebrity [ American ]
Mary Tudor, Queen of France
Queen Consort of France from 9 October 1514 to 1 January 1515 [ French ]
Natalia Poklonskaya
Advisor to the Prosecutor General of Russia [ Russian ]
Greg Metelus
TikTok Star [ American ]
Brooke Norris
YouTube Star as Matriarch of the Norris family [ Australian ]
TikToker [ American ]
Kassey Rivera
American TikToker [ American ]
American TikToker [ American ]
American YouTuber [ American ]
Love CurlyKay
American YouTuber [ American ]
Trey Richards
Canadian YouTuber [ Canadian ]
Christian LeBlanc
Canadian YouTuber [ Canadian ]
Grandma Droniak
American YouTuber [ American ]
Ryan Taylor
British YouTuber [ British ]
Amber Knight
British YouTuber [ British ]
Sophia Rosemary
British Instagrammer [ British ]
Tom Garratt
British TikToker [ British ]
Jourdan Riane
British Instagrammer [ British ]
Amanda Clavon
American Instagrammer [ American ]
Dai Time
American Instagrammer [ American ]
Farzaan Aleem
American TikToker [ American ]
Caleb Marshall
American YouTuber [ American ]
Jackwise Clown
Spanish TikToker [ Spanish ]
Oliver Kastell
Swedish TikToker [ Swedish ]
American TikToker [ American ]

People Died This Day

Robert Walpole
Prime Minister of Great Britain (1721-42) [ British ]
Bernard Malamud
American novelist [ American ]
Chuck Berry
One of the Most Influential “Rock 'n' Roll” Performers in Music History [ American ]
Matilda Joslyn Gage
Abolitionist, Freethinker, Author [ American ]
Erich Fromm
German Social Psychologist and Psychoanalyst & One of the Founders of The 'William Alanson White Institute' [ German ]
Norbert Wiener
Father of Cybernetics [ American ]
Umberto II of Italy
The Last King of Italy [ Italian ]
Johnny Appleseed
American Nurseryman Who is Known for Supplying Apple-Tree Nursery Stock Throughout the Midwest [ American ]
William C. Durant
Co-founder of the General Motors and Chevrolet [ American ]
Morgan Earp
Police officer [ American ]
Edward the Martyr
King of England [ British ]
George I of Greece
Former King of Greece (1863 - 1916) [ Danish ]
Jacques de Molay
Religious Leader [ French ]
Natasha Richardson
British Actress Known for Her Films: 'Gothic', 'Patty Hearst' and 'The Parent Trap' [ British ]
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