15th April In History

While talking about April, many people are reminded of spring, but there is more to the month than just this beautiful season. Every day of this month has its own importance and April 15th too is one such eventful date. Some of us may remember April 15th as a date that holds a lot of importance in our personal life, but it is also a day in which many events of historic importance took place. If we flip the pages of our history books, we will be taken aback by the interesting occurrences associated with this date. This day saw a series of occurrences that constituted everything from losing an eminent President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, to the establishment of the ‘American School for the Deaf’ and many others. This day is also remembered as the birth anniversary of so many eminent personalities who have carved a niche for themselves in the field of sports, entertainment, politics and literature. Read on, to know more about the importance of April 15th and how our lifestyle has changed from then to now.




The End Of The Lateran Council Meeting

The Lateran council, held in 769 was a gathering of about 52 bishops and several priests and its agenda was to discuss the elevation of two Antipopes. This was one of the most significant religious meetings of the 8th century which lasted 4 days and ended on this day in 769.



The U.S Congress Agrees To Make Peace With Great Britain

It was on this day in 1783, when the U.S congress approved the peace treaty signed with England in November 1782. This political development played a great role in screeching the American civil war to a halt.



President Lincoln Calls 75,000 Volunteers

On 15th April in 1861, the then American president President Abraham Lincoln asked 75,000 volunteers to join the Federal Army. At the time the infamous civil war had begun in the United States. This call was boycotted by the slave states, but many people paid heed to Lincoln’s words and joined the Confederates.



Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination Leads To His Demise

On the tragic morning of 15th April 1865, at around 7:22 am, former American president Abraham Lincoln lost his battle against life and breathed his last. The 16th U.S president was shot a day earlier by John Wilkes Booth, a famous actor, who was also a supporter of the Confederates.



John B. Kendrick Of Wyoming Introduces A Resolution

Senator John B. Kendrick received a letter from an oil operator belonging to the state of Wyoming in April, 1922 about an illegal land deal. Based on this letter, Kendrick proposed a resolution on April 15th, the same year, to examine the deal, which resulted in the Teapot Dome scandal.



The Arab Revolt In Palestine Begun

On 15th April 1936, all the Arabs in Palestine rebelled against the rules imposed by British, with an aim to boycott all Jewish products. This revolt which ended after 3 years, claimed the lives of thousands of soldiers belonging to both the parties involved in the war.



Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp Becomes Dysfunctional

It was on this day in 1945, that the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen was shut down by the British ‘11th Armored Division’. The British troops found 13,000 unburied corpses around the camp, and 60,000 prisoners who seemed to be starving for days.



Castro Visits The United States

Four months after the famous Cuban revolution, legendary political leader Fidel Castro visited the U.S, on April 15, 1959. Although the then American President Dwight D. Eisenhower refused to meet Castro, a meeting was arranged with Vice President Richard Nixon. This relationship between the two nations turned sour eventually.



Anti-war Protests Held In New York And San Francisco

Many people protested on this day in 1967 across New York and San Francisco against the participation of the U.S in the Vietnam War. Public speeches were lent by leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Stokely Carmichael during this time, which attracted big crowds.



‘EC-121’ Shoot Down Incident

On 15th April 1969, ‘Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21’, a North Korean aircraft bombarded the ‘Lockheed EC-121 Warning Star’, an airplane belonging to the American defense forces. This ghastly event which killed all the 31 American crew members onboard is remembered as the ‘1969 EC-121 shoot down incident’.



‘1st Infantry Division’ Of The United States Withdraws From Vietnam

The ‘1st Infantry Division’ of the U.S stopped its operations in Vietnam on April 15, 1970. The troops decided to withdraw as per the orders of the 37th President of United States, Richard Nixon.



Pope Benedict XVI's Visit To The United States

The religious leader Pope Benedict XVI arrived in the U.S on April 15, 2008 and concluded almost a week later. The meeting with President George W. Bush and a visit to the United Nations General Assembly were the main highlights of his trip.



President Obama Visits ‘Kennedy Space Center'

On this day in 2010, American President Barack Obama announced the U.S space policy at the ‘Kennedy Space Center’. Amongst the various goals of the policy was a Mars mission, an ambitious project of the United States.



Kim Jong-Un Makes First Major Public Speech

It was on this day in 2012 that Kim Jong-un, the North Korean dictator addressed the people of his nation. Kim declared that his prime concern was to equip the country’s armed forces with the latest technology, so that his nation could never be at threat.



Boston Marathon Bombing

April 15th, 2013, was a terrifying day for the residents of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, due to a brutal terrorist attack, remembered as the ‘Boston Marathon bombing’. Though there is no certainty in this report, the ‘FBI’ claimed that two brothers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were the masterminds behind this heinous act that killed 3 and injured 264.



Suicide Bombing In Iraq

2013 was a traumatic year for residents of Iraq and April 15, in particular, was horrendous since a terrible human massacre took place on this day. This unfortunate incident consisted of a series of bombings and shootouts which led to the deaths of several Muslims belonging to both the Shia and Sunni sects.



Siege Of Bari

The city of Bari in Italy, which was governed by the Byzantine Empire for 5 centuries, was guarded by the Norman forces of Southern Italy, on 5th August, 1068 for about two and a half years. The Byzantines were evicted from the city on April 15, 1071.



Battle Of Formigny

During the 100 years’ war fought from 1337 to 1453, the ‘Battle of Formigny’ was fought between the British and the French on this day in 1450. It was an important event of the ‘Hundred Years War’ which spanned from 1337 to 1453. The French emerged victorious in this bloody battle.



Battle Of Rain

An unforgettable episode of the ‘Thirty Years War’ was the ‘Battle of Rain’, which was fought on April 15, 1632. This battle was fought between the Swedish troops and the ‘Catholic League’, a union of several German states, near the city of Rain, located in Bavaria.



Battle Of Kilrush

The ‘Battle of Kilrush’ was fought on 15th April, 1642 between the ‘Royalist’ and ‘Confederate’ troops at Kilrush, located in Ireland. The Royalists won the battle, even though they were outnumbered by the Confederates.



Yamasee War

Enraged by the infringement of the British colonists on their land, members of the Indian tribe ‘Yamasee’ killed 90 British families on 15th April, 1715. This horrific incident paved the way for the Yamasee War.



British Evacuate Passchendaele Ridge

It was on April 15, 1918, that the British troops withdrew from Passchendaele Ridge due to the threat imposed by the German military forces. This came as a surprise, since the Ridge was captured by the Allied forces only 5 months earlier.



Second Attack Of The ‘Belfast Blitz’ Took Place

A series of 4 devastating attacks, carried out by the German Airforce, which took away the lives of many people in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is remembered as ‘Belfast Blitz’. It was on 15th April, 1941, when the second air strike of this series took place, resulting in the death of 900 people and leaving about 1,500 wounded.



Tarnopol Is Occupied By The Soviet Forces

The 15th of April 1944 proved to be a great day for the Soviet forces since they successfully occupied the territory of Tarnopol, Poland, on this date. The Soviets then included Tarnopol as a member of the ‘Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic’.



United States Bombing Of Libya

Considered as an act of retaliation against the bombing of a discotheque in Berlin, the ‘El Dorado Canyon’ was an air attack carried out in Libya on April 15, 1986 by the U.S. While Libya suffered substantial losses in the form of casualties and property, the US lost only one aircraft and its crew.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

‘RMS Titanic’ Sank During Its Maiden Voyage

Hailed as one of the world’s most luxurious ocean liners, the ‘RMS Titanic’, met with an ill fate during the wee hours of 15th April, 1912, when it collided with an iceberg. More than about 1500 people lost their lives in this unfortunate tragedy.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

The Great Mississippi Flood

Remembered as one of the most horrific floods to have occurred in the United States, the incident occurred during 1927. On 15th April, heavy downpour had caused the tributaries of Mississippi to swell, leading to floods in several regions, such as Oklahoma and Kentucky.


Disasters & Natural Calamities

The Hillsborough Disaster

The 15th of April in 1989 was a disastrous day for the residents of Sheffield, England, since a massive stampede occurred in ‘Hillsborough Stadium’, located in the region. The disaster resulted in the death of about 96 people and injured more than 700 fans, who had assembled to witness the football game between ‘Liverpool’ and ‘Nottingham Forest’.



The End Of The First Summer Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is an international sports event, in which roughly around 200 nations participate. It was on this historic day of 1896 that the first summer Olympics event, which spanned around 10 days, came to an end.



Jackie Robinson Became The First Black To Play Major League Baseball

15th April, 1947, will be remembered by Baseball fans for a really long time. On April 15, 1947, a renowned baseball player named Jackie Robinson became the first sportsperson of African-American origin to play for ‘Brooklyn Dodgers’. His introduction broke the age old practice of not including black players in Major League Baseball.


Literature & Entertainment

Opera, ‘Serse’ Debut In London

‘Serse’ is a popular Italian opera that was performed for the first time in London on 15th April, 1738. The credit to this acclaimed performance goes to an eminent composer named George Frideric Handel.


Literature & Entertainment

‘A Dictionary Of The English Language’ Is Published

Celebrated writer Samuel Johnson’s book ‘A Dictionary of the English Language’ was published way back in 1755. Also referred to as ‘Johnson's Dictionary’ this work is considered to be one among the best dictionaries of the world.


Literature & Entertainment

William Wordsworth’s Inspiration Behind ‘Daffodils’

On the 15th of April, 1802, it is believed, that the popular poet William Wordsworth and his sibling Dorothy witnessed many Daffodil flowers during their visit to a park. This sight made such an impact on the acclaimed poet’s mind that it encouraged him to pen down his path-breaking work ‘Daffodils’.



The Bottle Opener Was Invented

William Painter earned a place in the books of history by introducing the world to a bottle opener on this day in 1738. Most people would definitely agree that it the invention has made storage of liquids much convenient.



The Duchess Of Kingston Was Tried On Charges Of Bigamy

The trail of Elizabeth Chudleigh which begun on 15th April, 1776, took place in the ‘Westminster Hall’ in United Kingdom. The trial, which went on for 5 days, resulted in the ‘Duchess of Kingston’ being pronounced bigamous.



The ‘American School For The Deaf’ Comes Into Existence

The ‘American School for The Deaf’, which is apparently the oldest of its kind in the whole of United States, was established on this day, in Hartford, Connecticut. Though it started off as a private school, towards the end of the same year it was acquired by the state.



The Birth Of San Francisco

It was on April 15, 1850 that the city of San Francisco, California came into existence. This magnificent place is known for its marvelous ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ which is a famous tourist attraction.



‘General Electric’ Founded

It was on the 15th of April in 1892 when one of the biggest American multi-national firms, ‘General Electric’ was established in New York, United States. This company has spread its tentacles over 170 countries.



The ‘Armenian General Benevolent Union’ Was Formed

The 15th of April 1906 saw the formation of the ‘Armenian General Benevolent Union’ in Cairo, Egypt. This initiative works towards keeping Armenian culture alive by conducting a variety of different cultural and educational events in 35 countries.



The ‘Triangle Fraternity’ Was Established

It was on this day that the prestigious ‘Triangle Fraternity’ came into existence at the ‘University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign’, United States. It was an organization that admitted only male members who were pursuing their masters in subjects like architecture and computer science.



Sacco And Vanzetti Go On A Killing Spree

This insane Italian duo Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti had brutally murdered a guard and a paymaster of a shoe factory on this day of 1920. These two criminals were executed by electrocution in 1927, at the Charlestown State Prison.



The British ‘Black Friday’

It was on this day in 1921, when several individuals working with the transport and rail divisions decided not to support the miners and protested against wage reduction. The agitation went on for quite some time and grabbed the attention of the entire nation.



Insulin Is Made Available For General Public

People affected with Diabetes cannot imagine their lives without Insulin, as of today. It was on this day in 1923 that this medicine became accessible to the masses.



Rand Mcnally Publishes Its First Road Atlas

‘Rand Mcnally’ is an American printing firm that released its first road map on 15th April, 1924. This work came to be known as ‘Rand McNally Road Atlas’ later.



‘Aer Lingus’ Founded By The Irish Government

Known to be the second major airline in Ireland, ‘Aer Lingus’ was founded on 15th April, 1936. The headquarters of this famous airline is located in Dublin Airport, Ireland.



General Sir William Dobbie Felicitated With The ‘George Cross’

The prestigious ‘George cross’ is an award given to residents of Malta Island, who have shown exceptional courage during the time of political crisis. On April 15, 1942, it was presented to the governor of Malta, General Sir William Dobbie, by King George VI.



‘Boeing B-52 Stratofortress’ Takes Off For The First Time

‘Boeing B-52 Stratofortress’ was a bomber of the ‘United States Air Force’ (USAF) that had the capacity to carry arms weighing about 70,000 pounds. It was on 15th April 1952, that this war aircraft took off for the first time.



Ray Kroc Opened A McDonald's Joint

It was on this day in 1955 when an American entrepreneur, Ray Kroc joined the McDonald’s family and opened his first franchise in Illinois, U.S. This successful entrepreneur had also appeared in the ‘Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century’ list.



The First Tax Day Was Celebrated

April 15th every year is generally the due date for all citizens of the United States to update their tax details and pay the amount which they owe to the ‘Internal Revenue Service’. Tax Day was observed for the first time way back in 1955.



Tokyo Disneyland Opens

The adventure park, ‘Disneyland’ easily finds a place in the ‘must-go-to’ list of many kids around the world. The Tokyo Disneyland was opened to the masses on this day in 1983, becoming the first amusement park of the franchise to be built outside the U.S.

People Born This Day

Leonhard Euler
Mathematician, Physicist [ Russian ]
Henry James
British Author Who is Regarded as a Key Transitional Figure Between Literary Realism and Literary Modernism [ British ]
Leonardo da Vinci
Italian Polymath & Artist Known for His Paintings: ‘Mona Lisa’, ‘The Last Supper’ and ‘Virgin of the Rocks’ [ Italian ]
Nikita Khrushchev
Former Premier of the Soviet Union [ Russian ]
Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Founder of Sikhism [ Indian ]
Samantha Fox
Singer-songwriter [ British ]
A. Philip Randolph
Leader of the African-American civil-rights movement, [ American ]
Emma Thompson
British Actress, Screenwriter and the Only Person to Win Academy Awards for Both Acting & Writing [ British ]
Emma Watson
Actress and Activist Best Known for Her Role of 'Hermione Granger' in the 'Harry Potter' Film Series [ British ]
Thomas F. Wilson
Actor, Stand-up Comedian, Voice Actor, Writer, Musician, Painter [ American ]
Seth Rogen
Actor and Comedian Popular for Starring in Films Like ‘Neighbors,’ and ‘Knocked Up’ [ Canadian ]
Thomas Hart Benton
Painter [ American ]
Emile Durkheim
French Sociologist Who Established the 'Academic Discipline of Sociology' [ French ]
Denisse Dibós
Peruvian Actress, Music Director and Singer [ Peruvian ]
Kim Il-sung
President of North Korea from 1972 to 1994 [ North Korean ]
Fränk Schleck
Luxembourgish Former Professional Road Bicycle Racer [ Luxembourgian ]
Bessie Smith
One of the Greatest Female Blues Singers of the 1930s [ American ]
Henry IV of England
King of England [ British ]
Guru Arjan
Fifth Sikh Guru [ Indian ]
Arshile Gorky
A Leading American Painter of 20th Century and a Founding Father of 'Abstract Expressionism' [ American ]
Johannes Stark
Nobel Prize Winner in Physics [ German ]
Tomas Tranströmer
Swedish Poet, Psychologist ,Translator and Winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature [ Swedish ]
Nikolaas Tinbergen
Ornithologist [ Dutch ]
Crawford Collins
Canadian Instagram Star, YouTuber, and Former Viner [ Canadian ]
Catherine I of Russia
Former Empress of Russia (1725 - 1727) [ Russian ]
Claudia Cardinale
Italian Actress Who Acted in Italian, French and English Films in the 1960s and 1970s [ Italian ]
Luis Fonsi
Puerto Rican Singer [ Puerto Rican ]
Arjan Singh
The First Indian Air Force Officer to Achieve the Marshal of the Air Force Rank [ Indian ]
Aspyn Ovard
Actress and YouTube star [ American ]
Singer [ American ]
Elizabeth Montgomery
Best Known for Her Role as the ‘Samantha Stephens’ on the TV Series ‘Bewitched’ [ American ]
Chris Stuckmann
American Youtuber Known for His Amusing Movie and Video Game Reviews [ American ]
Karlie Redd
Reality TV Star, Model, Rapper [ American ]
Cooper Barnes
Actor [ British ]
Luke Evans
Actor [ British ]
Yoon Hyun-min
Actor [ South Korean ]
Richard Sandrak
American Former Bodybuilder Known for His Muscular Physique At An Extremely Young Age [ American ]
Lois Chiles
Actress [ American ]
Samira Wiley
Best Known for Her Role as ‘Poussey Washington’ in the TV Series ‘Orange Is the New Black’ [ American ]
Makayla Storms
American TikTok Star [ American ]
Sophie Louise
YouTuber [ British ]
Christopher Stapleton
Named ‘Artist-Songwriter Of the Decade’ by ACM [ American ]
Nicolette Gray
YouTube Star [ American ]
Jason Sehorn
Former American Football Player Who Played Cornerback [ American ]
Paul Pelosi
American Businessman Who is Married to the U.S. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. [ American ]
Alice Braga
Actress and Producer Known for Her Role as ‘Angélica’ in the Film ‘City of God’ [ Brazilian ]
Rapper [ American ]
Michael Ansara
Stage, Screen, and Voice Actor [ American ]
Danny Pino
American Actor Best Known for His Role as ‘Detective Scotty Valens’ in the TV Series ‘Cold Case’ [ American ]
Frank Vincent
American Actor Who Often Portrayed Mobsters [ American ]
Damien Dante Wayans
Actor [ American ]
Julia Butters
Actress [ American ]
Blake Manning
TikTok Star [ American ]
Evelyn Ha
TikTok Star [ American ]
Narin Ammara
YouTuber [ Syrian ]
YouTuber Who is Known for His Gaming Content [ American ]
Lyla Wesson
American YouTuber [ American ]
Kavon Coleman
American YouTuber [ American ]
American TikToker [ American ]
Asante Madrigal
American TikToker [ American ]
Kate Brock
Canadian TikToker [ Canadian ]
Rasmus Schandorff
Danish TikToker [ Danish ]

People Died This Day

Abraham Lincoln
16th President of the United States (1861-1865) [ American ]
Jean-Paul Sartre
Novelist, Playwright, & Philosopher [ French ]
Matthew Arnold
Poet [ British ]
Anna Ancher
One of Denmark's Greatest Visual Artists [ Danish ]
Greta Garbo
One of the Greatest Female Stars of Classic Hollywood Cinema [ Swedish ]
Pol Pot
Prime Minister of Cambodia from 1976 to 1979 [ Cambodian ]
Tommy Cooper
Comedian [ British ]
R. Lee Ermey
American actor [ American ]
Joey Ramone
Lead vocalist of the punk rock band the Ramones [ American ]
Edward Gorey
American Writer and Artist, Noted for His Own Illustrated Books and Cover Art [ American ]
Kenneth Williams
Comedian [ British ]
William Thomas Stead
British Journalist, Editor and Publisher Known for His Work ‘The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon’ [ British ]
John Jacob Astor IV
Businessman, Investor, and Founder of the ‘Waldorf-Astoria Hotel’ [ American ]
Wallace Beery
Actor [ American ]
Mikhail Lomonosov
Russian Author and Scientist Who Discovered the ‘Atmosphere of Venus’ and the ‘Law of Conservation of Mass’ [ Russian ]
Byron White
American Football Player and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (1962 - 1993) [ American ]
Hu Yaobang
Former General Secretary of the Communist Party of China [ Chinese ]
Filippo Brunelleschi
One of the Pioneers of Early Renaissance Architecture in Italy [ Italian ]
Joe Masseria
Italian-American Mafia Boss of ‘Genovese Crime Family’ [ American ]
Edward Smith
Captain of the RMS Titanic [ British ]
Thomas Andrews
Businessperson, Naval Architect [ Irish ]
Manuel Roxas
Former President of the Philippines [ Filipino ]
William McMaster Murdoch
British Sailor Who Was the First Officer on the ‘RMS Titanic’ [ Scottish ]
Brian Dennehy
Actor [ American ]
Isidor Straus
U.S. House Representative from New York (1894-1895) [ American ]
Father Damien
Belgian Priest Known for His Missionary Work Among the Hawaiian Lepers [ Belgian ]
Emma Morano
Supercentenarian [ Italian ]
Françoise d'Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon
Louis XIV of France's Wife [ French ]
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